The UK might not be the first place that jumps to mind when you think of a vacation. It’s certainly not the best place to relax on the beach or beside the pool. However, the beautiful English countryside, Welsh valleys, and Scottish Highlands all offer a unique charm. Here are the best places in the UK for a holiday.

Yorkshire Dales National Park

This charming national park is perfect for a long walk, bike ride, or simply to sit and appreciate the beautiful landscape. If you would like to explore the area, it’s easy to take public transportation. The cities of Leeds and York are only 30 minutes away by train. There are also plenty of youth hostels to choose from in the area.

Lake District National Park

Along with Yorkshire Dales, this is one of the most popular national parks in the UK. The park covers a large part of northwest England and attracts many visitors each year. There are countless activities available for people interested in hiking, rock climbing, and even kayaking. However, the best part of the Lake District is its stunning scenery and picturesque lakes.

Snowdonia National Park

This park is located in northwest Wales and spans over 2,000 square miles. The Snowdonia Mountains offer a great spot for hiking and climbing. There are also some beautiful beaches along the coast if you’re interested in some relaxation time.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Located along the western coast of Wales, this national park is home to rolling green hills and gorgeous views. The park also includes some impressive cliffs that are excellent for diving or climbing. Although not as popular as other parks, Pembrokeshire is a great choice for people interested in natural beauty and quiet surroundings. Read more about holiday homes in Wales.

New Forest National Park

The New Forest is located on England’s southern coast and offers over 500 square miles of forested land, grassy hills, and picturesque waterways. The park is located on the edge of Bournemouth and Southampton, so it’s easy to find transportation. Hiking, horseback riding, and cycling are all popular activities in the area.

Thornbury Castle

If you would like to experience a medieval castle during your holiday, look no further than Thornbury Castle in England’s southwest. The castle offers daily tours along with various activities, including archery and falconry. Not far from the castle is St Mary’s Church, which was built around the same time as the castle during medieval times.


Located in Scotland’s Highlands, this area is full of natural beauty and breathtaking views. The area includes mountains, lochs, rivers, and forests. This national scenic area is perfect for long walks, treks, or even climbing. Glencoe is also the site of one of Britain’s most famous murders during Scottish clan wars in 1692.

The Cotswolds

This historic region is located about 100 miles northwest of London and stretches into Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. It is one of the UK’s most popular tourist destinations with its rolling hills, charming villages, and stone cottages. The area covers over 800 square miles, so there are plenty of sights to see. The perfect way to tour the Cotswolds is by foot, bike or horseback.


Located southwest of England along the Bristol Channel, Devon is home to wild moors, windswept beaches, and breathtaking cliffs. The South West Coast Path stretches over 630 miles, so you’ll never run out of things to explore. Popular activities in Devon include surfing, hiking, rock climbing, and cycling.


Located east of England, Norfolk is renowned for its beautiful coastline and wide expanses of salt marshes. The area is a popular destination for bird watchers since it’s home to over 400 different types of birds. Cycling along the coast path is the perfect way to experience this English county.


Suffolk borders Norfolk and is located on England’s eastern coast. The area is known for its beautiful countryside, castles and historic towns. There are also some excellent beaches in Suffolk, though the waters tend to be quite choppy due to strong tides in the area. It’s a great spot for surfing and other marine activities.


When it comes to cities in the UK, there is no better place to visit than London. The city is full of culture, history, and activities for every traveler. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or a fan of sports, London has something for everyone.


The rolling hills and gorgeous architecture of Bath make it an ideal city for travelers. The entire city is built on top of natural hot springs so there are plenty of spas and other wellness centers to choose from. Also located near Bath is Prior Park, which includes a Palladian mansion along with formal gardens, woodland walks, and natural grottos.


This prehistoric monument located in Wiltshire is one of the UK’s most popular attractions. Stonehenge consists of a ring of standing stones, some of which are topped with lintels. The area also includes burial mounds and other artifacts from around 4,500 years ago.

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