I am Sebastian, a hobby Street Photographer from Berlin, capturing the everyday life in this city. Streetbounty has been founded with the idea to share my learning experience in Street Photography and to inspire others to follow this difficult genre of photography.

Photography can be tough to learn and this is the reason why I want You to learn from my mistakes and my personal growth. You can find many guides on photography where I draw conclusions on my failures and how to do it better, as well as success stories.

Over the past Years, I spent many hours in actively getting better in Photography and I want to share this knowledge.

Since Street Photography is a very specific genre, I also look for other photography genres that strive to tell interesting stories. That’s why I started to focus a lot more on Photojournalism & Documentary Photography as it is a great means to tell more in-depth stories that often get lost in Street Photography. You find articles about the history of Photojournalism, as well as learn from the masters of documentary photography.

Another important aspect of documentary photography is the gear. Although the photographer behind the camera is the most important part of creating the picture, the gear has to fulfill very specific requirements. That is why I share my experiences with my cameras or other gear in the photography equipment category.

Streetbounty is also more than just my personal photography Blog. The idea is to create a community where we are able to share our work and are stronger together. Street Photography is often seen as a very exclusive community with high entry barriers because the style of photography can be difficult itself. Throughout my journey I noticed that the community is very open in meeting each other and sharing their visions.

Streetbounty welcomes everyone to share their stories as well.

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