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Dear reader, it’s been a while since I started this blog and published weekly articles. Within this time I found that a lot of articles revolve around the main theme of getting started into Street Photography. So I decided to put together a free Street Photography e-book containing past articles mixed with a few new chapters. Thus the content is a mixture of own personal experiences and Street Photography tips and guides. All you have to do to get your own copy of this Street Photography e-book is to subscribe to my Newsletter and you will receive the link in no time. Following is a short preview of the book.


Entering the genre of Street Photography can be a tough challenge. You enter a world without guidelines and boundaries. This freedom can be quite overwhelming at the beginning and seem more like a hindrance than a benefit.

This book serves as a companion, helping you as you make your first steps on the street and supports you on your way. Obstacles will be in your way to your individual fulfillment and often development is a one steps back, two steps forwards progression.

Along your steps, the chapters will work as assistance and facilitate your progress, but it won’t solve problems for you. Personal investment is still required to move forward.

Table of Content:

  1.  What is Street Photography
  2.  Why are we photographing
  3.  Controlling your Camera: The Exposure Triangle
  4.  Accepting Failure in Street Photography
  5.  It doesn’t have to be perfect
  6.  Perceive Opportunities
  7.  The Comedian with a Camera
  8.  Perfect Conditions
  9.  Your Street Photography Playbook
  10.  You are not your Picture
  11.  The Social Media Fallacy
  12.  Talent vs. Training
  13.  Bringing Depth to your Picture
  14.  Be an Insider – not a Bystander

The book is accompanied by numerous photos alongside the articles. Here is an example of the first chapter “What is Street Photography“.

Street Photography e-Book

Become a better Street Photographer

Hopefully, this little book can be helpful on your way to become a better Street Photographer and if you have any feedback or topics you want to discuss, feel free to leave a comment below.


Stay Curious

Sebastian Jacobitz

Street Photography