Some people say that having a pet may be compared with having a kid – you cannot but melt with their tricks and can hardly resist the temptation to capture their cute faces even if you have one hundred similar photos already. Well, you are not alone with your desires – a huge number of pets owners post pics of their fluffy friends on the web. In fact, social networks are overcrowded with such content, so one may believe it is not a big deal to take a successful photo of their pet. However, if you try to get a shot of your cat, dog, or rabbit, you will understand how much it is far from the truth. And it is not surprising since animals don’t care about their ratings on Instagram and how many likes their pic will get. So, you can hardly ask them to stand still for a moment in the most successful position and smile with their eyes. Thus, it is not about expensive equipment since an ordinary smartphone with a good camera can be enough. So, whether it is about gnc dog vitamins reviews or taking pics of pets, you should get to the bottom of the question and find out some tricks and tips on how to do it better.

1. Decide on a place and time

If you have studied the required basics of taking pics that will help you reveal your four-legged friend’s personality, you should proceed to choose the right spot. It is worth starting with your pet’s favorite place to get more practice and successful results. Thus, your pet will be much calmer in its natural surroundings and “safety zone.” Your pet should feel relaxed, so you can experiment with the shooting. In general, you know your friend much better than anyone else, so you know what things help them calm down. For example, some cats are more relaxed right after eating the best wet kitten food or when they are sleepy a bit. Reflect on the peculiarities of your pet and pick up the right time.

If you want to create a “masterpiece,” you came across on the Internet back in days, or want to recreate a stunning atmosphere of professional photo studios, you can take a sheet or any piece of suitable fabric and hang it on beforehand. It is preferable to opt for self-colored fabric. If you have a dog and want to take dynamic shots, it is worth going to a park or using your backyard. However, wherever you go, you should be ready to spend some time shooting to get at least several successful pics.

2. Turn off the flash

Even though this point seems obvious, someone may not just think about such a necessity. However, when you don’t use flash, you kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, you will get higher quality pics since natural light will illuminate your object better. Besides, if you use a smartphone for this purpose, your camera software can dramatically improve your photo without flash. The latter can rather spoil the light in the frame. Secondly, you will neither scare your favorite model nor get its pics with creepy red or bright green eyes. Natural light is your main partner in crime, in this case, so use it to the fullest. However, if you are shooting indoors and need additional light sources, it is worth placing several floor or table lamps nearby.

3. Adjust the parameter values

Some modern smartphones have special mode features that blur the background slightly, keeping your object focused. And if your phone is unable to do such things, you can edit the background manually with the help of special applications.

If you are going to shoot indoors, this mode will become the most suitable one. One more option is to take several pics in a row. To do it, you should hold down the shutter button and take a sequence of shots. Of course, this does not guarantee the perfect shot, but it increases your chances of getting one.

4. Catch the shot

Working with your pet, you have good chances to take a beautiful portrait shot or get artistic subject photography. To do this, you should use items or treats that will grab your pet’s attention. As with photographing babies and toddlers, you will need helpers to distract your pet or grab its attention with a favorite toy or treat. If no one is around, use a timer and get down to business yourself.

The timer function in your phone’s camera app allows the shutter to be released within 10 seconds of pressing the button. Don’t refuse to try different sides and angles, including positioning at your pet’s eye level and using a tripod if that makes things easier.

5. Process the photo

If you crop the pics and use other editing tools, you will get photos of a much higher quality.

You don’t need to download and spend hours learning Photoshop since the modern market offers various editing software options. Besides, some of them are already built-in into your smartphone. The editing tools and filters in specialized apps can give your animal portraits a stunning look.

Try to somehow change exposure, contrast, white balance, and color, apply a filter (if you like). Crop the image and align the horizon if necessary. Ideally, you will get a pic worthy of your Instagram news feed.

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