According to the latest research, 1 out of 8 travelers explore the world alone. Solo trips become more popular among the young generation who want to get new experience and explore new countries.

The art of solo traveling requires to be well-prepared as the large numbers of suitcases or bags can make a journey terrible. Traveling alone, you should narrow the number of things that you carry with you to remain mobile.

Perfectly, as a solo tourist, you have to take only one travel bag or a small suitcase and a backpack. Scroll down below and find the essentials to pack for a solo journey that you shouldn’t compromise on.

Power Bank

Probably the #1 item after documents, insurance, and money is a power bank, these days. An average solo tourist brings at least three electronic devices that have to remain charged anytime.

Modern travelers use their smartphones to navigate, order essay online, or as e-tickets, a credit card, a device to access the Internet, and lastly, a communication gadget. If a smartphone’s battery drains, a journey becomes less convenient.

Even though most airports, cafes, bus stations, trains, and even buses offer free sockets for tourists, you should always have a source of extra electricity for any emergencies.

Door Stopper

Security is one of the essential points that solo tourists should pay attention to, especially at night. Unfortunately, a lot of travelers become thieves’ victims staying at low-price hotels or renting apartments via online services.

A door stopper is a small device that combines two great features. For starters, due to its form, it prevents a door opening even if bad guys can pick a lock.

Also, modern door stoppers have the in-built alarm that will wake you up and attract others’ attention if someone tries to open a door or remove the stopper.

Waterproof Case or Bag

Even tourists with a well-built travel plan can face unexpected issues during their trips. In order not to lose electronic devices due to heavy rain or any accidents near water, always bring a waterproof case with you.

Put all your devices into it in case of any risks to get water into your gadgets.

Otherwise, it will lead you to extra expenses for service or new gadgets that can hardly be called a great surprise on a trip.

Universal Travel Adapter

Even despite the fast-paced globalization, different countries have various sockets. It always brings a lot of problems for inexperienced travelers. Most people know that electric plug sockets in the US and the UK are completely different.

However, they vary even across the European Union. Even more, voltage and electrical frequency can be different. Therefore, a universal travel adapter is a must-have thing in your backpack.

Choosing an adapter, bring a one that has multiple USB outputs to charge a few devices simultaneously. Also, purchase a long charging cable in order not to spend hours standing near a socket.

Neck Pillow

Solo travelers cannot lie down on strangers who sit near them to relax during long and exhausting trips. Some bus tours require tourists to spend a few dozen hours on a bus. To make your trips more comfortable, purchase a neck pillow.

There are a few types of neck pillows. The first type, filled with orthopedic foam, is more convenient. However, inflatable pillows are cheaper and require less space.

Backup Cash and Credit Card

Unfortunately, tourists have to pay for everything. Certainly, there are some options to travel, stay for a night, and eat for free in different countries. However, if you’re used to paying for tickets and food, you may experience a lot of issues in case of losing your wallet.

To provide yourself in a new country in case of an accident, you should always have extra cash with a backup credit card. Don’t forget to unblock the option to withdraw money from other countries for your credit cards before going on a voyage.

Head Torch

A lot of solo travelers don’t like spending their weekends by sightseeing famous tourist places with tons of souvenir shops. They like exploring places that are not mentioned in travel guides.

For this reason, it’s crucial to have a head torch. It helps to walk safely when there is no street lighting. Also, it helps to become more noticeable for drivers at night or merely read in a tent.

However, if you don’t want to mix traveling and education, feel free to get assignment writing assistance online and go on a voyage.

Personalized First Aid Kit

The last item in your travel backpack is the personalized first aid kit. If you don’t have a particular disease that requires special medication, feel free to purchase the standard travel kit. However, always supplement it with some particular meds according to the country you’re going to visit.

Helpful Tip for Solo Travelers

It is hard to imagine modern life without access to the Internet. Most travelers use free public hotspots to share their snaps, send messages, and find interesting locations abroad. Note, using public networks is unsafe because hackers can steal your personal data, including passwords.

Therefore, do not hesitate to use VPN services to secure your Internet connection using public networks. They will add a digital bulletproof vest so that you’ll be able to use free hotspots safely.

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