Extraordinary and memorable pictures are one must-have thing on your special day, the day you say I do to the love of your life. A wedding picture session is special since it’s way more than a million words. You need wedding pictures that tell your love story in a simple but elegant way. Your pictures can inspire love in others while watching the pictures. So it’s crucial that you don’t play with them. The pictures need to be a perfect representation of your love story. However, to get the perfect wedding shoots, you need a perfect location. This article will introduce you to the five best places to shoot your wedding pictures in Berlin.

Schloss Britz castle

If you have always dreamed of taking elegant wedding photos, the castle should be your best bet. Wondering which castle to use in Berlin? Schloss Britz is your answer! This historic palace is not only perfect for a wedding reception, but it can also serve as a stunning backdrop for your wedding day photos. Schloss Britz castle is certainly a place that you would never want to miss for your wedding photos.


Oberbaumbrücke is a popular sight in Berlin, and it offers just the right backdrop for any wedding ceremony photos. From either side of Oberbaumbrücke’s bridge, you and your newly wedded partner can view the appealing vistas of the city. You can have your wedding ceremony photo taken at sunset or at dawn. This will help you utilize the usual colorful and stunning skies. It is always advisable to avoid taking your wedding photo in midday at Oberbaumbrücke. This is because the palace is mostly very busy in the middle of the day.

Berlins Photoautomat

While this place may not quickly come to your mind when thinking of where to take amazing wedding photos, pictures from booths are intimate, special, beautiful, and unique. Pictures from here are always mind-blowing, and out of this world, it really captures some good and lovely moments. Though you can find many picture booths scattered all over Berlin, the ones at Zossener Straße and Oberbaumbrücke are exceptional. You could even go with a few friends and family members so that you can take instant pictures together at this place. These pictures will definitely remind them of your big day every time they view it.

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The idyllic wooden house located on the Flutgraben is undoubtedly a great place to celebrate your wedding ceremony. This amazing place offers you and your wedding guests the privilege to enjoy and have fun in attractive outdoor areas. This stunning place gives a simple, relaxed, and beautiful backdrop to any wedding ceremony pictures during the summer. The trendy wedding venue close to the Spree gives people the opportunity to get married in the garden. Fiancés get invited to this amazing venue on Tuesdays from 12:00 to 20:00 to explore this stunning wedding venue and wedding photos destination.


Ermelerhaus is part of the art’otel Berlin Mitte, and it is an excellent destination for wedding pictures. The stunning spiral staircase is the highlight for many people who visit this place. What’s more, Ermelerhaus has a colorful and insightful history. Some of those colorful and insightful histories include its reconstruction to Rocco Palace with traditional reliefs and ceiling painting. Spending your wedding here certainly guarantees you beautiful and unique pictures that will always remind you of your special day. Right in the middle of the busy city, this wedding spot is remarkable. Ermelerhaus’s adjoining hotel has more than 100 rooms. This means that none of your guests will have to stay too far from your wedding venue if you decide to use this amazing venue.


Your wedding with the love of your life is a one-time event. This is what makes it a special day, a day to remember. You need a way to keep that memory fresh, and even a million words cannot help you retain that memory. Only one thing can help to keep that memory fresh, and that is your wedding photos. Your outfits are not enough to give you the perfect wedding photos. You need both suitable outfits and the perfect wedding venue to get the perfect wedding pictures.

Have you found the perfect wedding photo venue from the list of wedding photo venues that were explored in this article? Make sure you choose the right wedding picture venue in Berlin so you can have wedding pictures that truly represent your special day.

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