If you’re a photographer, you cannot always rely on your studio for taking the best pictures. Sometimes you may sign those projects that need outdoor shooting. In that case, you’d need those gears that are compact, portable, foldable, and hence can be taken down anywhere.

Collapsible backdrops are an ideal choice for photographers who work in remote locations. They give you more freedom to deal with color choices in whatever location you happen to be shooting in.

Some benefits of Collapsible backdrops are:

1They are easy to carry

Collapsible backdrops come with an “easy to collapse and store” feature that makes them convenient to carry anywhere. They can be used both for indoor and outdoor locations. Since they can be folded easily, you can put them into a bag and travel to whichever place you want to go.

2You can choose chroma key collapsible backdrops

If you’re tired of finding out the potentially good collapsible backdrop for your client, then you should go with the green or blue collapsible backdrops. By using them, you can add any background (different from the present one) later.
For instance, you can add a background of the Eiffel tower, statue of liberty, waterfall, cityscape, or any other background that the client would like to see. Since green collapsible backdrops are so versatile, they are widely used in the TV, media, and film industries.

They are easy to set up anywhere
If you have a collapsible background support stand, you can put the photo setup anywhere. With just a clip or clamp, you are ready to work without damaging the walls. The metallic stand or clips are also durable and last for a longer time. These stands can be adjusted vertically or horizontally based on the size of the model or subject.

3Variety of sizes

Photography collapsible backdrops come in a variety of sizes. You can pick one based on the kind of photography you’re doing. For example, for tightly cropped headshots, school passport size photos, or portraits for models, you can purchase a collapsible backdrop of size 3*4 feet.

4Material diversity

Collapsible backdrops come in a great variety that can completely change the look and mood of your photos. Here are some materials that you can pick:

  • Canvas- they are long-lasting and best suited for studio work.
  • Cotton- it’s the right choice for photographers who keep traveling.
  • Muslin- it can be used as a portrait background. It is lightweight and can be easily draped over surfaces to change the look.
  • Polyester- since it’s a wrinkle-free material, it’s widely used. Even if there are wrinkles on the material, it can be easily removed by ironing.
  • Stretch knit- again, this is a wrinkle-free material. You simply need to stretch the fabric and start shooting. You can easily wash it in the washing machine, and hence, can be reused.

5Two in one background

The most amazing benefit of using collapsible backdrops is that two backgrounds are available in one single backdrop. So you can switch to either side you want. This eliminates the need to buy two different collapsible backdrops.

6Easy to clean and maintain

Most of the collapsible backdrops are made of a durable and long-lasting material that can be easily cleaned with soap, washed in the washing machine, and can even be ironed.

Bottom line

If you wish to give an aesthetically pleasing experience to your client, then collapsible backdrops can do wonders for you. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to get the right photoshoot done for your client. They are portable, flexible, affordable, and versatile. This makes them worth investing in.

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