Last year, traveling to most countries was almost impossible. The number of destinations was extremely limited. Due to the unexpected closure of borders, many tickets and vouchers purchased in advance were wasted. 

However, the borders have begun to open slowly. Now, traveling is a real possibility again. Many countries are easing quarantine measures and it’s amazing. We’ve all missed the sea, our favorite cities and unforgettable experiences so much.

In this article, we figure out which countries are open to tourists. No doubt, every single one of them has a lot to offer.


This rapidly growing country with an ancient history and culture attracts tourists with the beauty of the local nature. Traditionally, the beaches are known for the warmth of the waves and high-service hotels. The most unique thing about Turkey is that it’s located in Europe and Asia at the same time, combining the flavor of both parts of the world.

Sunny weather, access to the four seas (Black, Aegean, Marmara and Mediterranean), historical sights – all this contributes to the growth of tourism. Speaking of resorts on the Aegean Sea, think about Bodrum, Kusadasi, and Marmaris. As for the Mediterranean coast, the most popular destinations are Antalya and Kemer.

Sightseeing enthusiasts will surely be impressed by the capital Istanbul located on the shores of the Bosphorus. Exploring the Topkapı Palace or strolling around the Grand Bazaar, you can easily forget about everyday business, including deadlines. Even though you catch yourself worrying: «If only someone could do my homework», there’s no need to stress out. Nowadays, it’s easy to find an experienced writer to outsource your paper to. 


Located in the Caribbean Sea between North and South America, Cuba is the gateway to the Gulf of Mexico. The country has always attracted tourists not only for its tropical exotic but also for the special flavor of island life.

Snow-white sand, stunning shows and parties, fabulous restaurants and luxurious bars – that’s only part of Cuba’s charm. We can’t but mention the amazing live music and the fiery rhythms of Latin American dances.

Dominican Republic

This exotic paradise is a magnificent combination of Latin American culture, hundreds of kilometers of sandy beaches, clear waters of the Atlantic and the warmth of the Caribbean Sea. The country combines peaceful relaxation at the beach, original excursion programs and active water sports. Here, you can find solitude and at the same time be involved in the life of the island.


This ideal travel destination not only meets the expectations of travelers but also amazes them with unexpected discoveries. The country’s history goes back three millennia, so its cultural heritage is definitely worth exploring. Ancient cities of the Aztecs, Olmecs and Mayans, vibrant traditions, colonial treasures, magnificent beaches, lush tropical nature, world-famous cuisine – all this makes Mexico a tourist’s dream.


Croatia has some of the best beaches in Europe, marked with the “blue flag”. Its numerous historical sights remind us of the ancient Romans, Venetians, Austrians, Italians who used to live here. This country will appeal to everyone – whether you are a nature lover and admirer of antiquity, a gourmet, or a fan of beach holidays.


Adriatic’s pearl, hospitable Montenegro is a country on the Balkan Peninsula that charms newcomers with its ancient cities, romantic mountain peaks and transparent sea with picturesque bays. Here you will forget about the everyday hustle and bustle and just enjoy the surrounding world. Gentle salty waves will make your stay truly memorable.

Guests of numerous resorts are attracted by the fabulous nature, which is so cherished by the locals. Interesting to know, Montenegro is considered to be one of the cleanest countries in the world. 

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a lot to offer: from palm trees leaning towards the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, spacious valleys and picturesque waterfalls to lush tropical forests with rich flora and fauna. If you are more into sightseeing, you’ll be impressed by the ruins of ancient cities that witnessed the history of the island.

The hospitality of the friendly locals complements the enchanting beauty of the island with such a mysterious name.

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a country that surprises. Here, people created a blooming oasis of the desert, built overwhelming skyscrapers and entire islands. Tourists come to the UAE for vivid impressions and surely get them.

Local beaches are perfect, but the country is worth a visit not only for the sea and the sun. Tourists get acquainted with a new culture and get an opportunity to take a look at unique buildings that have no equal in the world.


A country described in ancient myths and legends is famous for many reasons. Right here, in Greece, democracy was born, the greatest scientists and philosophers of all time worked, the Olympic Games were held for the first time. Come here to admire the ancient sights. Every year archaeologists discover more and more interesting finds, so the country’s potential is increasing.

Trips to Greece are so popular not only because of the country’s vibrant history, but also because of the gentle sun, immaculate service, and rich local cuisine.


A true paradise on the Mediterranean Sea – the island of Cyprus – attracts guests from all over the world. A huge number of legends and myths are dedicated to this beautiful place. According to the legend, it was here that the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite was born. This is probably why the island is so lovely: there are mountains covered with forests, citrus orchards, vineyards and olive groves.

To Sum It Up

Please note that the coronavirus situation is changing dynamically. Borders may be suddenly closed, and national governments may tighten quarantine restrictions. Before buying tickets, open the MFA website and carefully read the conditions for entering the country of destination. Also, check the quarantine measures your destination enforces. Since not everyone has had a chance to get vaccinated, most countries require a negative COVID-19 test result. 

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