Photographers are free spirits that often come up with extraordinary and original ideas. However, sometimes you might lack creativity but still need to create brilliant and astonishing photos. What should you do in case you face such an issue? That’s easy! Find out a list of the hottest tips and tricks shared by professional photographers right in this post. Here, you will find the freshest ideas with coffee beans and drinks for making unforgettable shots.

Birds-Eye View

This is one of the most win-win compositional techniques used by many experts. It shows the cup with a drink from the inside. It might be a perfect shot for black coffee or latte, but not good for taking photographs of beans. In case you need to have a shot of a delicious and stylish-looking breakfast, this realistic perspective might help you do your work in a perfect way.

By the way, you can taste the dishes when the shot is completed. In case you are still wondering how to make coffee at home like a pro, it might be a good idea to learn the basic facts about coffee and some prompts for choosing the most quality beans. It is worth mentioning that your coffee machine also plays a vital role in preparing an unforgettable drink. Feel free to read this cheap coffee makers review to pick up the best device on the market. After having a small break tasting delicious coffee, it’s time to experiment with taking pictures with more creative ideas.

Take Photos Of Beans Close

Taking pictures of the ready-made drink is not the only way to show off coffee. The fact is that coffee beans are an unusual and very exciting material for taking coffee-related shots. They have a unique shape, color, and texture, so it might be very exciting to play with shadows and focus when taking pictures of coffee beans. Macro photos are one of the greatest ways to represent the beans in a brilliant and uncommon way. You can also play with a dark and light background to make your beans shine.

Put The Beans In The Cup

Tired of taking macro photos? Want to try something out-of-the-box? Just place your coffee beans in the cup and enjoy the process of taking pictures! You can also add extra objects to make the picture more unique and unusual. For example, put some contrast cups, books, or other objects to provide your photo with a creative twist. For example, you can place several cups with beans, grained beans, and coffee in different cups. Or just place the beans of different roast (they will have different colors) in separate cups or bowls. Feel free to experiment, and don’t hesitate to add some innovative decor elements for the best effects.

Coffee Splash

Taking photos of a coffee splash is one of the most common techniques used by thousands of photographers. Although it might not be easy to make such a shot, it is definitely worth trying. Your shot will definitely be unique, especially if you add some extra details to the photo session. You can easily take photos of drops, beans, and splashes all in one frame. You can also add some traditional elements to your photos, such as sugar and cinnamon sticks.

Represent The Ingredients

There is nothing new that coffee can be prepared in lots of different ways. Therefore, it might be a good idea to represent the ingredients in a creative way. This might appear to be useful for those who would like to share the receipts for preparing coffee. Just place some bowls or bottles with coconut milk and syrup, as well as some sugar cubes. Feel free to show off even more ingredients and additional supplements, including chocolate, cardamon, lemon, arabica leaves, and coffee beans.

Use Brewing Equipment

A traditional French press might easily make your photo shine. It would definitely work better with a dark background, minimalistic scenes, and a clean look. You can experiment with the backlight for maximum effect. In case you are lucky to have a siphon coffee maker, you can take astonishing and innovative pictures with almost no effort. This device might help beginner photographers to unveil their creativity and polish their photo shooting skills.

Draw Using Coffee Beans

Taking pictures of a drink is surely good. However, you might try an exceptionally new technique of drawing with coffee beans! You can lay out words, pictures, mazes, and anything you can imagine with the help of coffee beans.

All in all, experimenting with coffee beans, cups, and drinks is very exciting and entertaining. You can add new decor elements, play with colors, and put your creativity into practice. Don’t be afraid to place some extraordinary elements in your pictures to make them look top-notch and fantastic. And don’t forget to drink coffee when having a break!

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