Everybody Street – The iconic Documentary about N.Y.C. Street Photography

Do you want to gain an insight into the minds of 13 Street Photographers that documented the life of New York City? Then Everybody Street is a perfect movie that is a must-see to understand the history of Photojournalism, Street Photography, and their lifestyle.

Everybody Street – Featured Photographers

The featured photographers are: Bruce Gilden, Bruce Davidson, Elliott Erwitt, Jill Freedman, Joel Meyerowitz, Rebecca Lepkoff, Mary Ellen Mark, Jeff Mermelstein, Clayton Patterson, Ricky Powell, Jamel Shabazz, Martha Cooper and Boogie.

Everybody Street - Boogie

Everybody Street – The Beginning

… is not only a movie for the typical photo nerd, but combines the documentary nature with an entertaining view of New York City. It is great to see this metropole in action and how the Photographers perceive their environment to capture the best images. Some are calmer and collected while they wait for the perfect train to enter like Mary Ellen Mark, others like Bruce Gilden engage the people more directly and find themselves in the middle of the heat. For people that never heard of Street Photography before, the movie conveys the atmosphere of this lively city and fascinates viewers that weren’t interested in this art before.

The Meaning of Everybody Street

“Everybody Street” emphasizes the democratic nature of Street Photography & Photojournalism. Everybody can walk in urban areas and take pictures. There are no entry-barriers that prevent anybody from pursuing this craft, although photography is often seen as a very expensive activity. The movie shows, that the photographers are able to get beautiful images with their analog cameras and don’t need to invest much. Indeed the best tip where new Street Photographers should invest is a good pair of shoes.

Everybody Street - Bruce Gilden

Where to watch Everybody Street

For a long time, the movie was an insider tip that was rare to find. Thanks to the internet everyone can now enjoy this 90-minute long movie.

A first source is the homepage of Everybody Street that offers a DVD-version for 18$.

Furthermore, you are able to rent the movie via Vimeo

Or if you already are subscribed to Netflix the movie is also available there.

Happy Watching

Everybody Street is one of the few movies that cover the idea of Street Photography without any prejudice or aims to discredit this form of photography. It is gritty, raw and sometimes dirty but always very honest and definitely fulfills Bruce Gilden’s quality seal “If you can smell the Street it is a good Photo”. In this case, it’s a movie that is very worth watching and makes you understand the history of Street Photography a lot better.

Personally, Everybody Street provides a huge inspiration because the 13 Photographers that are featured approach this genre very differently. Entertaining, inspirational and simply beautiful is my verdict on this all-time documentary classic.

Stay Curious

Sebastian Jacobitz