With the increasing number of crimes and the increasingly unsafe surroundings that we live in, it’s important to ensure safety and maximum security in various ways. The most basic but important way to do so in your home or office premises is by investing in a good spy camera.

Spy cameras are widely popular now due to their sleek designs and ability in hiding seamlessly.

Modern spy camera designs are well hidden in various tech gadgets like watches, pens, and even smoke detectors. It’s a necessity to properly camouflage the spy camera within these everyday gadgets to hide them from perpetrators. Even though spy cameras can be used for a variety of reasons, the most important thing is to keep an eye on unwanted situations and to ensure maximum surveillance.

So, it’s important to ensure a few factors before choosing an ideal spy camera.

Consider the lighting conditions and night vision

Whether it is night or day, perpetrators can attack or cause a crime scene at any time. While most of the attacks or intrusions happen during the night, it’s still important to check the lighting conditions in daylight. Certain spy cameras are designed to illuminate the surroundings through infrared technology while recording, making it a useful device in poor lighting conditions. A few designs are also equipped with a digital daylight or night vision illumination to record clear images during nighttime. You can also check the Lux rating of a specific camera model. It’s actually rated by the quality of the image captured in minimal lighting conditions. Make sure that your chosen camera design has a low Lux rating. The Lower the rating, the higher the image quality in darkness. It is the most important factor to be considered while buying the right spy camera to suit your needs.

Consider internal and external factors

If you’re planning to keep your spy camera in a relevant surrounding for a longer time, you need to make sure that the design of the device can be sustained within that environment. For instance, a few models are designed to function well only within internal house surroundings and might get damaged if exposed to rain or extensive sunlight. Contrary to it, if you need to use your spy camera in an outdoor environment, you need to make sure if it has enough floodlight. So, you need to check accordingly before purchasing.

Check the lens quality and resolution

Imagine buying a spy camera, installing it and receiving important recorded footage without having any clear images and blurred silhouettes. There’s no point in it, right? The lens quality of any spy camera should be top-notch, preferably with high definition results. The images and footage that are captured should be sharp and crisp. To ensure that your camera has the best specs, you need to consider the aspects of real high quality, high definition images and/or super high resolution. If you’re new to purchasing a spy camera, it’s difficult to figure out the type of image quality that you’ll achieve with a particular model.

The internet is full of information and you can use it to compare various models and their reviews online to determine the best design to suit your needs. We’d still recommend going for a high definition or HD camera that’s worth the investment.

Memory and storage space

Along with the surrounding factors, lighting conditions and lens quality, an insignificant, yet notably useful feature to consider is the storage space of a spy camera. All the footage that is captured is stored into the memory that is usually an SD card. The cards are designed in different sizes and memory spaces ranging from 2 GB to 64 GB, depending on the camera model. You can also buy cameras that directly store the data within and are designed with built-in memory space.

A camera that has a large storage space saves you from the hassle of deleting the memory time and again, especially when you need to keep the camera hidden. It’s also useful to store heavy files if your camera lens captures high definition images and videos. You can either access the SD card or plug the device in your computer to view the recorded footage, depending on the camera specifications.

Other factors that can be considered include the camera positioning spots, the power source through which it’ll be operated, whether the captured images will be colored or black and white, and the material it is built out of. Questioning yourself on the purpose, surrounding context, and your budget can help you to buy an optimally designed spy camera.

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