Every year, many applicants try to get into the faculties of philology and linguistics. However, after graduation, these specialists often experience problems with employment. In this article, we will show you how to find an interesting job with decent pay and comfortable conditions.

How to Earn as a Philologist

Students and graduates of the philology faculty should choose a profession in the social and humanitarian sphere. Below, we will discuss them. However, you should understand that if you are a student, then your job can take a lot of time. When I was a student, I used this service in such cases to write my essay fast.


Specialists with philological education are always needed in the following spheres:

  • Schools and gymnasiums;
  • Technical schools and colleges;
  • Different universities.

The English language is a compulsory subject taught at any educational institution, therefore, finding a teacher’s vacancy is not difficult. Of course, agreeing to this work is only worthwhile if you can explain complex things in simple words, have sufficient patience and stress resistance.


If you entered the philology faculty because you like to read, then you can go and work in a library. The easiest way to find such a job is at the same university you graduated from. University libraries usually need workers. It’s more difficult to get to regional libraries since they have a small staff and each employee values ​​their place, often staying to work after retirement.


Those who know how to talk correctly can get a job in the media or press service. The journalist’s work is intense. For some money, he works an irregular working day and carries out different tasks. The spokesperson’s tasks do not include daily news searches and fact-checking. The press worker must do the following:

  • Ensure the interaction of the organization or boss with the media.
  • Prepare and send out press releases.
  • Write materials for the site or pages on social networks.

How to Make Money as a Linguist

Linguists usually know at least one foreign language, which is an important advantage in the labor market.


The most obvious option is to start making translations. However, there is great competition in this area of ​​activity. It is easiest to find a job with decent earnings for those who know rare languages. They are the following:

  • Chinese;
  • Japanese;
  • Arabian;
  • Finnish;
  • Turkish;
  • Spanish;
  • Portuguese.

Also, pay attention to the specialization. Synchronous translators and those who work with highly specialized literature earn the most. The labor of specialists in technical documentation is cheaper. Specialists in the translation of literary texts receive the least.


Good knowledge of a foreign language allows you to find work in the field of tourism. Agencies, hotels, museums, exhibition centers need guides who will communicate with foreign guests. This work is well paid but largely depends on the season. Experienced guides offer tourists original copyright tours or individual tours that are more expensive.


Linguists not only know foreign languages but also speak their native languages ​​well, are able to search for information, and work with a large volume of text. These are irreplaceable qualities for the personal assistant, secretary, referent, etc. Linguistic graduates are happy to get a job in companies that work in the international sphere or they can take junior positions in diplomatic institutions.

Making Money on the Internet

Do you want a free schedule and a stable salary? Welcome to the world of freelance.

Online Tutoring

If you have pedagogical talent but don’t want to work at school or university, try teaching remotely. The services of an online tutor are needed for those who do not have the opportunity to go to a teacher. You can find customers by posting a resume on special job search sites or using social networks.

Copywriting and Rewriting

This is a good alternative for those who enjoy writing but do not want to work as a journalist. Writing articles and selling texts allows you to have a free schedule and to control the level of employment and income yourself. A novice copywriter should register on a special exchange. There it is easiest to find the first customers and gain the necessary experience.

Academic Writing

Another option for working on the Internet for philologists and linguists is to become an author of student works. In order to engage in this type of activity, it is enough to remember the training program and be able to work with information.

Customers can be found in two ways:

  1. Advertise yourself.
  2. Use a reliable service.

The second option will bring more orders. In addition, it guarantees confidentiality and stable payments. You will get access to a large number of orders and will choose the most interesting. Another advantage is that the authors do not waste time negotiating with clients, and the manager passes the necessary information to them.

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