A creative subject, engaging models, lighting and props that catch the eye, are all elements you need to capture stunning images for your clients. How much thoughts do you give to choosing the right background for your shots? While a background is an important part of visual storytelling, it is often the last thing on many photographers’ priority lists. But a background that is appropriate for the scene can make a dramatic difference in the outcome of your photos. Here are seven tips to help you choose the right background for your couple.

1. Be Creative 

You may find yourself spending a lot of time photographing the same places over and over again as a photographer. This is okay, but don’t be afraid of trying new things. You should look for backgrounds you have never shot before. You may have wanted to photograph your couple in front a famous monument or in a bustling city. You can create backgrounds that are different from your previous images by incorporating them into your photos. You will be able to create stunning images with your couple and keep you motivated to take more dynamic photos.

2. Match Your Couple’s Personality

Your couple likely shared their personal style details when they first booked you. When choosing a background for your couple’s engagement and wedding photos, this is something you should consider. It is your job as their photographer to ensure that their style is captured in the images you create.

If your couple is a fan of the ocean, you might suggest that they take their engagement photos at a local beach. Look for ways to include the location in your wedding photos. Because your couple chose to have their wedding there, the locations of the ceremony, getting ready, and reception will be part of their personal style. Find the perfect backdrop to capture their story.

3. Choose a calm Background 

If you have to work in difficult conditions, try to find a way that you can work with the environment to create images that give the wedding a million dollars feel. You can move your client around until they find the right position for your shots. Bring along a background to place on top of a plain background.There are some neat best selling photography backdrops out there, that really make a difference. You should eliminate distractions before you take photos. The less clutter and noise you have, the better the outcome. You have the perfect setting, and the opportunity to tell a wonderful story with your images. If there are distracting elements in your scene, your images’ visual appeal will likely be affected. How can you prevent unwanted objects from affecting the beauty of your images’? You can avoid distracting the image by looking out for objects in your background. Do you notice that it looks like a tree is growing from behind your couple’s head as you pose them? Is there anyone in the background who is photobombing your shot? These distracting elements are best avoided when framing your shot. You can crop them in Photoshop later. But the point is to get the shot right away, so that you don’t waste time on your post-wedding workflow.

4. Try new Point of Views 

Switching angles is a great way to capture backgrounds you might not have considered before. If you’re shooting outdoors, you have two options. You can either shoot at a higher angle with the grass as the background or you can shoot at a lower angle with the sky as the backdrop. This is particularly useful when shooting in an area where you don’t have much control over the background. You can capture images from different angles if you have the creative ability.

5. Take care of the Lighting 

Lighting is an essential part of your image. It can make or break your photos. When choosing your background, pay attention to how it is lit. You can incorporate sunlight into your background if it is midday or the sun is very harsh. This is possible by positioning your couple in a different way. It is possible to pose your couple under a tree, or near a building that has shade. To add interest, you can create a sunlight flare as the background to your image. The perfect background for artistic images that have a hint or the sun!

6. Play with the Bokeh 

You may not have a background to shoot with when you are photographing the bride or groom. Relying on your photography skills is a great way to get through such situations. You can use photography techniques to create a background that will make a dynamic photograph. You can use a telephoto lens to focus on your couple and let the background blur.

7. Find unique Landscapes 

Find unique landscapes that you can use as backgrounds to help you create images that clients love. You can find landscapes that will enhance your images depending on where you are shooting. You can use stunning architecture as your background if you’re indoors or don’t have a spectacular landscape. To add interest to your photo, use the rule to thirds when using landscapes or architecture as the background.

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