The rise in digital business ventures and entertainment services came with an overwhelming need for diverse digital payment options. And in recent years, several banking options and alternatives have risen to fill this gap. However, some of these channels are better suited for digital entertainment services and business exchanges than others. 

On that note, we’ve not only come up with a bunch of the best-suited world payment systems for businesses and entertainment services, but we’ve also ranked each one.


Elon Musk, Co-founder of PayPal – “PayPal is a good example of a startup that was successful because of its timing and execution.”

Unsurprisingly, the payment system at the top of our list is the fintech giant founded in 1998. PayPal has been facilitating quick and easy international transactions for about two decades and today, its services span across most businesses and top entertainment markets. A major one is the casino and sports betting industry.

According to Mighty Tips, a gambling resource page that also follows up on payment options, the list of betting sites that use PayPal is a pretty long one. Especially for sports, Mighty Tip’s strategic sports betting planner Evelyn Balyton, frequently navigates sports betting providers that support PayPal. 

Today, PayPal has come to be trusted and approved by millions, not just for its wide reach, but also for its mobile friendliness, fair processing fees, etc. It might still be in debate, but PayPal still leads the way for the best payment gateway for international transactions. 

Fun Fact: PayPal was originally named Confinity, which was changed to PayPal after merging with, an online banking company founded by Elon Musk


Square is a top mobile payment system and a major name in the software solutions industry. The service provider is preferred by a lot of business and entertainment merchants, as it is one of the few systems to not charge recurring monthly service fees for lots of card processing options. 

Also, according to Forbes Advisor, Square’s payment system also comes with one of the most affordable hardware, for a world payment system of its estate. 

Fun Fact: The idea for Square came about when McKelvey, a glassblower, lost a sale of $2,000 because he couldn’t accept credit cards.


Clover is another brand with a broad spectrum of payment options, which encompasses online mobile wallets to traditional credit and debit card payments. The cloud-based POS is branded as not just a payment gateway but as an inclusive solution for small and medium-sized businesses. 

Characteristically, the payment system has become a top option in business and entertainment, due to its competitive pricing, low hardware cost, online utility, and round-the-clock support.


Patrick Collison, Stripe’s CEO –  “One phrase we use at Stripe is, ‘Most tech companies are building cars. Stripe is building roads.” 

As a typical payment solution, Stripe is built to support businesses and grow revenue. The Irish-American financial service caters to start-ups, down to global business enterprises. Coming to entertainment, Stripe is no new name for facilitating payments for gaming and streaming platforms. In its current portfolio, the Multinational Financial giant boasts over 100+ different payment methods, all with a pretty smooth initiation and checkout process.

In other words, Stripe is another leading payment system and a sure stop for online and in-person business transactions with one of the most developed payment management systems.

Shopify POS

Bearing down on e-commerce businesses and entertainment platforms, and especially for start-ups, Shopify is one of the best choices in 2024. Its point-of-sale services are one of the most outstanding in the financial market currently, accepting all of cash, gift cards, card payments, and digital wallets alike. 

All-New Shopify POS: Rebuilt for Modern Retail - Shopify

As an added advantage, Shopify’s payment services are also easy to set up, and a worldwide network of reliable hardware. Here’s a few of some of the biggest businesses using Shopify in 2024.

  • Raycon
  • Staples
  • Kylie Cosmetics 
  • Gymshark 


Paysafe is also one of the most diversified international payment gateways, with several transaction brands under its umbrella. The fintech solution out of Vienna Austria, is particularly prominent for its extensive support for the gambling entertainment industry amongst others. Amongst all, Paysafe is making our list for its diversity, massive reach, and merchant-friendly fees for processing payments. 

Speaking of fees, Paysafe only charges merchants between $0.10 and 0.30%, a figure which is subject to frequent review. Overall, Paysafe also supports a huge variety of currencies, that even includes cryptocurrency, making it an all-in-one solution.


In conclusion, the rising demand for in-person and online international transactions has also given rise to well-built payment systems over the last two decades. And in Today’s business and entertainment market, some of these payment solutions serve their purposes to the fullest. So far, we’ve ranked the most trusted and in-demand options, for the daily affairs of small and large-scale businesses, as well as entertainment platforms.

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