You work hard, and when it comes to vacations, you deserve to enjoy the finer things in life. However, once you have kids, you may not think you can enjoy those luxuries anymore, perhaps because you worry about traveling with kids in first-class or taking them to luxury resorts. The truth is, luxury travel is perfectly feasible, even with small children, and here are some helpful tips so you can enjoy an upmarket family trip.

Travel in style

Traveling to your vacation spot of choice should feel like the start of your break, and nobody wants a stressful flight with bored kids, so it’s certainly worth upgrading your tickets. While they won’t be able to enjoy the complimentary champagne, there are often plenty of extras on commercial flights, in terms of entertainment and food, to keep young travelers happy. If you really want to start your trip in luxury, you may want to consider a private plane. The private jet cost often works out just a little more than flying as a group in commercial, but you get a completely private space. You won’t need to worry if the kids make a noise, and you can pick a bespoke menu for any fussy eaters.

Choose an unforgettable, but a lesser-known destination

Planning a luxury vacation with the kids requires some consideration into the destination that you choose. Forget the usual vacation destinations that are popular with families and choose a destination that is less well know. Finding a hidden gem, such as Paxos in Greece, will provide you with secluded beaches, underwater caves that are perfect for exploring with the kids, and an abundance of luscious greenery that will make for an ideal backdrop for any photos you want to take. Or see what Koufonisia has to offer. With spectacular views and white sandy beaches, this enchanting spot in Greece has everything that will make your vacation a luxury experience.

If Greece doesn’t take your fancy, there are plenty of other hidden gems that are just waiting to be explored in various destinations such as Indonesia (check out The Island of Gili Meno), Panama (perfect if you want to avoid crowds and want unspoiled beaches), or one of the islands in the Caribbean (there are over 7000 islands to choose from).

Going to a destination that attracts fewer tourists doesn’t mean the country, city, or village isn’t worth exploring. In fact, with smaller crowds, you will be able to see and do more and find the best luxury accommodation without paying a fortune either. If you don’t know where you should go with the children, spend plenty of time reading reviews online or head to a travel agent. This will save you both time and stress.

Book spacious accommodation

One way to ensure an exhausting vacation is to share a hotel room with a young child for the week. Even hotels with huge, spacious rooms can soon feel pokey and small when you have to fit a crib and lots of toys in there, and there’s no chance of a relaxing evening if your child goes to sleep early and you have to tip-toe around them.

Luckily, many luxury accommodation providers have noticed that children need their own separate space and are offering more options for families. Most luxury hotels will have a one or two-bedroom suite, which will give you a little more privacy, and some even offer family apartments. When it comes to resorts, choose a bungalow or villa where you can enjoy the resort’s facilities, yet have private accommodation.

Plan exclusive experiences

If you want a day outside of the resort, then you’ll no doubt be looking to book experiences like tours and boat trips, but if you take kids along, they can sometimes find the pace too fast or too slow, or simply get bored. However, it’s better to plan activities where you can; otherwise, people end up wasting time or spending too much time on their phones. Book private tours and experiences, from a day of scuba diving to seeing the sights with a local, so you can have more control over the itinerary.

Get great childcare

Even if you love taking the family on vacation, eventually, you’ll need a break from the kids, whether it’s time for a romantic dinner or having cocktails by the pool. Some people choose to take their nanny on vacation with them, which can work if you are going for an extended vacation, have a complex schedule, or just need an extra pair of hands by the pool. Many hotels and resorts have childcare, as well as kids’ clubs where children can try activities from sailing to swimming lessons, so they certainly won’t be bored while you’re relaxing.

It may seem like kids and luxury travel don’t mix, but many travel providers are now doing a lot more to cater to families, so even those with young children can still enjoy an amazing vacation.

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