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Taras Bychko | Instagram


2Marie Laigneau – an exploration of creativity E-Book

Hi everyone. I am very happy to announce that after a whole year working on this project, I have finally published my second ebook: An Exploration of Creativity – through the lens of 8 contemporary street photographers.
Street photography is an incredible challenge to our creative selves. And that’s what makes it so interesting, so addictive in essence. With this book, I wanted to discover how creativity worked, and how, eventually, we come to build a strong personal vision. Using the insights and perspectives from 8 street photographers that I admire a lot, I have compiled our collective thinking on creativity and vision. I very much hope that you will find there something inspiring to keep you going with your art.
And in the meantime, I wish you a fantastic journey.
The ebook is available as a free PDF here, and also available on Issuu.

3Earth is my witness: the photography of Art Wolfe – in pictures

The photography of Art Wolfe covers the globe, capturing landscapes, wildlife, and cultures from every continent. Here he talks us through a selection of his favourite images
Here people practice a very unique style of fishing, gently lowering thimble-shaped nets in a very shallow lake over fish hiding in the water grasses; they then rap their oar against the net, disturbing the fish and causing them to swim into the net

Photo Series

4Hope and Strength: personal stories from disaster zones – in pictures

Leading photographers Tom Stoddart, Olly Burn, Veronique de Viguerie and Dougie Wallace have joined forces with disaster relief charity ShelterBox to produce Hope and Strength – a tribute to the incredible strength of families living through the worst days of their lives in disaster zones across the world
Twelve-year-old Hossion Juhar wrapped up in a blanket to keep warm on a cold morning at Kutupalong refugee camp. Hossion and his family fled in October and don’t want to return to Myanmar. He says: ‘They are killing us. If they acknowledge us as Rohingya then we will go back’

Full Series

5Russia In The Raw

The photographer using an iPhone to document life on the margins of Russian society.

Russia’s Streets

6Make mistakes, it’s street photography

I just sent out my 200th interview last week. Having spent the last 4 years interviewing professional and amateur photographers, from Magnum, iN PUBLiC, APF and many more photography collectives. I have found a common thread that ties them all together.
Today, whether it’s vision or moment, light or serendipity, there are two things that they all had in common. They all had passion and they all made mistakes. They learn from their mistakes and the passion kept them going.


7Candid shots of America’s concrete playgrounds

Wandering the streets of New York, LA, Miami, Chicago and beyond as part of an “anti-road trip”, UK photographer Oli Kellett immortalizes fleeting, everyday moments in America’s urban spaces.
Oli Kellett likes being a pedestrian.
Inspired by the great, street-level storytellers (like Joel Meyerowitz, Diane Arbus, and Harry Callahan), the UK photographer treats urban environments as vast, concrete playgrounds, unbounded in their potential for everyday magic.
In 2016, during the run-up to the US presidential election, Kellett began embarking on a series of “anti-road trips”, spending up to 10 days at a time wandering the streets of different American cities on foot, looking for spaces in cities where people came together.


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