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2Tips for Confidently Shooting Street Photography

Whether you’re traveling abroad or exploring the streets where you live, it’s important to have confidence when shooting street photography. Photographer, Pierre T. Lambert shares a few tips to help you confidently capture images that you’ll be proud of.
Street photography is one thing when you’re shooting in a familiar environment, such as a neighborhood you’ve frequented for years with familiar sights and faces. It can be another experience entirely to photograph people and places you’re not familiar with, especially when there’s a language barrier between you and your subject.


3Does Our Street Photography Have Meaning?

In today’s world, where cameras have become accessible to pretty much everyone, there are millions of images depicting street photography. With that comes some very good work and some very, very bad work. From my perspective, the more minds that are concentrated on the craft, the greater the variety is of the kinds of street photography produced. For example some photography may focus purely on being creative with light, whilst another wll have a strong eye for those humourous juxtapositions. I myself tend to drift through many sub-categories, having a preference for shooting what I am attracted to rather than finding that niche style.
Through all these approaches, how would I define a photograph, or set of photographs, as having meaning? For me, meaningful work is thought provoking and has you asking questions you strongly want the answers to. It tends not to be timeless, but rather gives an accurate overview of a certain period of time and the impacts certain decisions and values society was experiencing.

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4Tea Journals Tells the Story of Animals Through Photojournalism

Cheryl: I’m a photojournalist and primarily follow people in my field. An animal person, I am naturally drawn to other photojournalists’ feeds that had animal images tucked in with their editorial work. Real life images that are a refreshing change from the IG hubs churning out choreographed cute overload repetitive imagery.
I felt that animals on these hubs were being dumbed down and portrayed as things to entertain instead of beautiful thinking beings.
These misrepresentations of animals on IG, images that did not encourage respect and compassion were the catalyst to create TJ.


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