Loneliness – A series by Sergi Escribano

I love to walk around my city without a fixed course, walk under a great light and get lost in the alleys, observing how people move from one place to another. Inside this chaos, with its crowds of tourists, the noise and the daily frenzy of its citizens.

Today’s cities are not for a quiet and peaceful lifestyle; big cities become theme parks; there is nothing worse than losing the charm.

Since my adolescence, my street photography has been almost exclusively black and white, faithful to master Ansel Adams ‘zone system, rarely shooting in color. Being a project based on loneliness and isolation in usually crowded places, I wanted to get rid of the drama that Black and white adds to photography, and shoot in color.

I like to isolate characters from my photography, as if they were actors in a film acting on an improvised set, like a frame of a film.

Seeking the isolation of characters has been a huge, frustrating work. Barcelona: how many people can fit in a square meter?

“La soledad es la gran talladora del espíritu.”

About Sergi Escribano

Sergi Escribano was born in Barcelona in 1975, and currently lives in his hometown.

He studied photography at the I.E.F.C. (Catalonia’s Institute of Photographic Studies).

For years he’s been balancing his commissions with personal projects, with some of his documentary street photography being published by LensCulture.

Sergi has previously worked with the news agency Corbis and is currently collaborating with Getty Images as a creative photographer.

His work has been exhibited in his hometown in both solo and group exhibitions.

In 2014 he began documenting the rise of the pro-independence movement in Catalonia and his photographs have been published by the likes of Volkskrant, Le Point International, Radio Télévision Suisse RTS, France Culture, Courrier International and SBS News, to name a few.


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