Visiting Cape Town, South Africa is a kind of experience that can’t be overstated. You will be awed by the beauty of the craggy mountain range along with its glittering seas. The pristine white beaches, burbling mountain streams and giant granite boulders are all yours to savor. But, of course, for your tour to be a truly memorable one, you have to make the necessary preparations in advance.

Traveling to Cape Town from Johannesburg is one great way to experience the splendor of these two South African cities. In less than three hours, you will find yourself stepping off the plane at the Cape Town International Airport, after covering about 794 kilometers. Besides, looking for cheap flights to Cape Town from Johannesburg is not difficult to do because it is one of the most popular flight routes. In fact, there’s an average of 270 flights depart from Johannesburg to Cape Town International Airport on a daily basis. Once you’re in Cape Town, don’t forget to check out the following South African delicacies and make your travel experience not just satisfying but also filled with delicious indulgents ever. 

Bunny Chow

Bunny Chow is one of the most famous South African delicacies. This half loaf of bread has delicious curry filling. This recipe originated in the Durban Indian community, but now has found its way in many places across South Africa. A lot of South Africans refer to this delicacy as “bunny” because its curry is made of beans, bunny along with several vegetable ingredients. 


If you’re a lover of anything sweet, then this delicacy will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. This delicacy is made from fried dough that is twisted or plaited. To make this food even more exciting, you have to dip it in a sugary syrup. It is much like the counterpart of the western people’s donuts, but the difference is that Koeksisters are not just sweet, but they’re also sticky. This dish originated in Cape Malay but with a different twist. In Cape Malay, they add some cake texture to it before rolling the dough into desiccated coconut. It is also added with spicy flavoring. Years gone by and this delicacy can now stand parallel to the donut that many people in the western world have known because of its sweeter variations. This traditional South African food got its name from the Dutch word “koek” which refers to “cake”. 

Malva Pudding

Malva Pudding is another sweet delicacy that is also famous in South Africa, but has its roots in Dutch communities. This Malvar Pudding is made from apricots that were originally created by Cape Malay individuals. Its apricot jam has made the delicacy sweet in taste yet spongy in texture. Its caramel taste also adds up to its sweetness. A cream based sauce is added onto it as soon as it is taken out of the oven. This is served along with custard and ice cream, thereby making the dish truly satisfying for those who love to indulge in desserts. 


This one is a traditional Xhosa dish. In fact, it is a staple in many rural villages and townships all over South Africa. This dish is especially popular in Nelson Mandela’s birthplace Transkei, which is a place located in East Cape region. South Africans will be so proud to tell you that Umngqusho is among Nelson Mandela’s most favorite foods. It is made from a stewed beans that have been soaked overnight. For several hours, these beans were simmered on a low heat to ensure they are soft enough to eat. Add in some salt and butter and be prepared to fill your tummy with this delicious delicacy. However, today there have already been a lot of variations that were made to this recipe. Some chefs prefer to add chopped vegetables, meat stock and curry powder which take the dish to a whole new level. 


Biltong is a staple food that has its roots not just from South Africa. It also originated in Namibia and Zimbabwe. This one is a salty dried meat which was obtained from beef, ostrich, kudu or rhino. Its name “Biltong” was derived from the Dutch words “bil” which means rump and “tong” which means tongue. Modern variations of this dish also include meat derived from venison or chicken. Its taste is a combination of raw meat, vinegar, black pepper and coriander. Some people also cook it with stews and soups for a more flavorful version of this dish. 

Braai/Shisa nyama

This one is not just a dish per se, but rather a famous South African eating experience that you should not miss. Braais originated in the Johannesburg townships who used to have several butchers who set up barbecue grills outside their shops and sell it to passersby. If you will be touring in South Africa and see a group of people having their “braais” moment, feel free to pop along and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere while also listening to South African music. Then, take a pick from the barbecue they offer which could be meat from chicken, pork, lamb, beef or vors. 


This would be another meat lover’s delight. Bobotie is made from curried minced meat that has savory custard as its toppings and were baked in an oven. Most bobotie dishes are made from lamb, beef or pork. But, there are also vegetarian versions of this recipe, so vegans and plant-based dieters can still rejoice at the thought that visiting South Africa won’t deprive them of their much loved kind of food. The traditional versions of bobotie will have a pleasant aromatic smell due to a combination of dried fruits, exotic spices and nuts that have been mixed into the meat. Serve this dish with yellow rice, chutney and a slice of banana. Legend has it that this dish was brought to South Africa by South East Asian laborers who were imported by Dutch citizens who colonized Cape Malay. 


This pastry recipe is another must-try if you will be visiting South Africa for the first time. A lot of people likened this recipe to a British custard tart. Melktert is made from flour, sugar, milk and eggs. Its finished version is sprinkled with cinnamon, making it a truly irresistible dessert. You can also find this recipe in many South African bakeries. 

A word of caution though- if you have certain food allergies, ask around first about the ingredients and everything that has been added to the dish before trying any of these dishes. This important so as not to ruin your travel experience in South Africa. 

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