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2A Master at work: Sir DonMcullin in Kolkata

Film director Clive Booth, cinematographer Chris Clarke and Sir Don McCullin’s manager, Mark George, tell the behind-the-scenes story of how they made the documentary film, McCullin in Kolkata.
Don McCullin has been filmed discussing his photography many times during his long career, but rarely has he been shown shooting in the field. So when plans were mooted for making a documentary showing him in action, with the world’s most renowned photojournalist keen on the concept, they knew they had a rare opportunity that would make the photographic world sit up and take note. The questions was, where did Don want to turn his lens…

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3The Man Behind Rock Music’s Most Iconic Photos Discusses His Process

From Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen to Queen, few have ever captured legendary musicians quite like photographer and photojournalist Neal Preston. Over the course of his 48-year career, the New York–born, self-taught shutterbug witnessed the rise of rock ‘n’ roll and the global culture shifts that came with it. He’s shot books for Led Zeppelin as their only tour photographer, calendars for Elvira, and was tapped by Bob Geldof himself to photograph his 1985 “Live Aid” spectacular—and he did it all without ever taking a single class in photography.


4The Unseen Julia Child

The Parisian sun casting a warm glow on a balcony overlooking narrow streets, laundry drying overhead. The bustle of a market. Sprawling Provençal vineyards.
Julia Child’s time in France inspired her to capture the country through its cuisine, introducing French cooking to kitchens around the world. But it was that same French magic — and Ms. Child herself — that inspired her husband, Paul, to also capture the country, albeit through a different medium, photography. A new book lets him offer a personal glimpse into the world beyond the kitchen.
“There is this combination of intimacy and formal, rigorous design,” said Alex Prud’homme, the couple’s grandnephew and a co-author of “France Is a Feast: The Photographic Journey of Paul and Julia Child.”


5Overnight in Walmart Parking Lots: Silence, Solace and Refuge

As night falls, the motels and R.V. parks along America’s highways begin to fill up with travelers needing a place for the night.
But to untold thousands of motorists each year — some with a sense of adventure, others looking to save a buck, still more with no other place to go — Walmart is often a willing host for overnight guests.
“It’s not pretty: no pine trees, no bubbling brook, no ocean beach,” Chuck Woodbury, the editor of RVTravel.com, said in a tutorial video intended for casual travelers. “The idea of staying at Walmart is to park for the night, to get some sleep and then move on.”


6With and Without You – Jacob Aue Sobol

The latest book by Jacob Aue Sobol is a tribute to his father who died when he was 20 years old. Printed on Jacobs 40th birthday it is a compilation of all the projects that he has made and that his father never got to see.

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