Las Vegas has built a reputation as the casino gaming capital of the world. The city flourished around its casinos, first serving the thousands of construction workers involved in the Hoover Dam project, and then a growing number of tourists looking to try their hand at games like blackjack and roulette.

Today, millions of people from all over make the journey to Nevada to visit casinos and soak up the atmosphere. But with competition strong from many of the top online casinos USA, Las Vegas needs to offer much more than just gaming tables and slots to compete. It does this with spectacular scenery, unique attractions, and world-class entertainment. These all come together to create fantastic opportunities to take great photographs.

The Iconic Las Vegas Sign

You can’t visit Las Vegas without taking a photograph of the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. It doesn’t matter if you’re a selfie-taking tourist or looking to capture something artsier, the sign is a must-visit.

It captures the stereotypical Las Vegas styling, with flashing lights and plenty of neon tubes, just like the classic look of many mid-20th century casinos.

You’ll find the sign on the Las Vegas Strip south of Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino. There’s even a nearby parking lot to make it convenient to get to.

The Las Vegas Sign looks great from dusk till dawn, so consider visiting it twice, during the day and at night.

Fountains of Bellagio

You’ve seen them before, whether in person or film. The Fountains of Bellagio are so spectacular, they’re almost always included in films and TV shows that feature Las Vegas including box office hits like The Hangover and Ocean’s Eleven.

The fountains create a virtual barrier between guests at the Bellagio and the tourists and traffic that traverse the strip. They’re so big that you can glimpse them from quite a distance, and their glittering splendor attracts plenty of attention.

The Fountains of Bellagio run 24 hours a day, but synchronized light and music shows take place several times a day. These are great opportunities for taking beautiful photos.

You’ll find the Fountains of Bellagio outside the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, on the corner of the Las Vegas Strip and East Flamingo Road.

New York-New York Hotel & Casino

New York is a city filled with spectacular photo opportunities thanks to its iconic skyline and historic monuments and buildings. It’s not surprising then that Las Vegas casino owners would seek to replicate it.

The New York-New York Hotel & Casino contains replicas of many of the most famous NYC landmarks, including the Brooklyn Bridge, Chrysler Building, Statue of Liberty, and Empire State Building.

While it’s not the real thing, it’s still a great photo opportunity.

You’ll find New York-New York Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s around a 20-minute walk south from the Bellagio.

Photo Spots Las Vegas 2

The Neon Museum

After their introduction in 1929, neon lights made Las Vegas into what it is today, illuminating the strip with an entire palette of colors. Since the 1990s, though, casinos have been replacing the traditional neon lights with more energy-efficient LED lights and LCD screens.

All those neon lights haven’t gone to waste, though. The Neon Museum is where many of them reside, giving you a glimpse into the city’s past.

Iconic signs like a giant Hard Rock guitar and the Binion’s Horseshoe sign can be found here, making it a great place to take some unique photographs. You can find the Neon Museum at 770 Las Vegas Boulevard North, a 15-minute drive from the Bellagio.

There are many other amazing photo-friendly sports in Las Vegas, but the above list should get you started.

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