It can be a frustrating time when you are struggling to find your creativity. If you are at the beginning of the process of creating a new piece of art or painting, then these tips may help to inspire some creativity that will get you going on your next piece.

Take a Walk

Sometimes, you just need a change of environment to help get your head back into a creative space. Getting out into nature is often one of the best things you can do and has provided inspiration for some of the most wonderful pieces of artwork that have ever been created.

One of the most idyllic and inspiring places that you can visit is the beach. It works all of your senses – the sound of the crashing waves, the smell and taste of the salty sea, the brisk, cold wind hitting your face and the dramatic cliffs all play their part in refreshing your senses and creative thoughts.

Play Some Games

Another way that you could get your brain thinking creatively is to challenge it by playing games. As well as more traditional games and challenges that you could try like Sudoku and crosswords, you could also look at playing some online games like the ones found on the website Unibet.

According to Healthline, playing games like Sudoku and other puzzles may help to keep your brain healthy. It even suggests that people who play these types of games regularly could have a brain age of someone who is ten years younger.

Look at Inspiring Pieces

Many artists are inspired by looking at the work of others. Visiting a gallery like the Tate Modern could help reignite your imagination, allowing you to take inspiration from some of the most famous pieces of art in the world. You may even find that different styles of work give you a different take on the piece you are trying to finish.

If you aren’t too keen on the idea of heading to a big gallery or if there isn’t one near you, then local galleries often contain some wonderful pieces by local artists who you may even be able to meet while you are there. Discussing their inspiration for the piece and how they unleash their creativity may give you some ideas to try for yourself.

Try Something Completely Different

One of the best ways to really free yourself from any kind of creative constraints is to simply free yourself from them. If you find yourself staring at a blank canvas, then you should just try to draw, paint or sculpt without thinking about it. Let the piece take you where it wants to go.

Try not to be constrained by what you think the outcome should be or by your expectation of how it should look. Use this piece as an experiment and a way to just let your creativity flow. It may even be a good idea to switch to a medium you haven’t tried before, from painting to sculpting, for example.

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