Minimalist travel has become a new trend across the world where the traditionalist approach of packing suitcase after suitcase, a laptop, and a carry-on is being eschewed for the new approach of traveling by the seat of one’s pants. The result of minimalist traveling is leading to a more carefree life in addition to having a more carefree vacation.

This has become especially appealing to more creative people, like photographers, who look for ways of encouraging those creative thoughts and ideas to come bubbling to the surface.

What is it?

But what is minimalist traveling? Minimalist traveling means going out into the world with no more than a backpack, a passport, a phone, and not much else! To put it another way, this kind of traveling means taking what you need with you and not what you want. This streamlined approach has a few advantages for creative people:


It Frees Your Mind

Photographers are usually looking for ways on how to become more creative, find the perfect location, and get the perfect shot. For these creative professionals especially, minimalist travel is creative travel. The more people pack for a journey is quite literally the more baggage they take with them. Lots of suitcases mean more to worry about.

Lots of suitcases also mean lots of hotel rooms, cabs, and other worries that can make a vacation into a nightmare. For a more creative mind, even a photography student thinking “I have to write my assignment by that deadline”, which only leads to procrastination.

Streamlining the entire process into a backpack, a couple of pairs of shoes, and just the necessities mean that’s all minimalist travel becomes is the necessities. This frees a creative mind to be creative.

Freedom from the Trappings of Society

Another part of a photography student who thinks “How am I going to do my assignment uk?” is mired in everything about the civilization that can clog a mind. When on a minimalist vacation, students are usually exploring the country, away from civilization. It’s that fresh air and lack of a campus that allows photography students to open their minds to new things and new ideas.

Just walking down a lonely road in a forgotten country can result in a photographer finding something that no one else has, and that enables them to create something important that they will remember for the rest of their lives.


Nothing is There to Tie Anyone Down

Students on vacation still think things like “Where am I going to get my assignment help?” Dorms for students, offices for writers, and even studios for painters can all eventually make them feel like they’re tied down. When they go for a minimalist travel vacation, they experience that sensation of not being tied down to anything.

When a person feels like that, their mind is allowed to soar free of any obstacles and, creatively speaking, they are more likely to find that idea they were looking for, but could never see before.

Students especially are prone to a desire to get away from it all and are usually the ones to engage in minimalist traveling. Even students from the uk just need a smartphone or a laptop to go online and write when traveling to far-away countries. They know that writers do any kind of university assignments regardless of where they are.

There are no Obstacles

When it comes to minimalist travel, there is very little that a person can take with them. It’s because of this, that people stop thinking about souvenirs and gifts, and start thinking more about the road in front of them. It’s this kind of simplicity that helps a creative mind to find those sparks of ideas that can grow into full concepts, projects, and paintings.

You Can Go Where the Stories Are

Hotels and tourist traps are not where the real photography usually is. A photographer finds that perfect moment of time away from glitzy resorts and casinos. It’s out there, where a minimalist traveler goes, that the real stories and the real photographs lie.

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