Cloud computing is the process of delivering servers, storage, networking, software, etc. with the aim of boosting innovation and flexibility of the organization.


While these solutions have been around for a while, as the world becomes more and more progressive, their usage has experienced a dramatic rise. This is largely due to the low costs, scalability, and seamless business continuity offered by these technologies. And moreover, all this paves the way for knowledgeable individuals to forge a lucrative career within the IT industry. In this post, let’s observe on such provider of cloud services, Amazon, and its renowned credential called AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate.

Amazon AWS Certification Exam Dumps

AWS Review: What’s It All About?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most prominent providers of cloud computing tools in the world, distributing millions of solutions all around the globe for over 13 years. AWS boasts a vast range of functionality within its systems including but not limited to machine learning and artificial intelligence, data lakes and analytics, and the Internet of Things. Innovations like AWS Lambda and Amazon SageMaker put it at the forefront in the industry.

As a cherry on top, AWS offers interested individuals the opportunity to learn the workings of its systems and become certified as well as eligible for demanded job roles such as solutions architect. Below, we’ll disclose the details of the badge that can help you become one.

Overview of AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate credential is ideal for those who already have some experience with the AWS cloud platform. It validates one’s knowledge in cloud computing proving they are able to:

ExamSnap Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exam

  • Effectively showcase the skills to design and implement secure applications on AWS services

  • Define and create solutions by utilizing architectural design principles in accordance with the client’s specifications

  • Provide guidance to implement those solutions based on the best practices of the organization, throughout the project

Exam Details: Knowledge Domains and Required Experience

To get AWS accredited as an associate-level solutions architect, one should pass exam SAA-C02. Its content includes tasks created to check if the candidate can design high-performing and resilient architectures that are cost-effective and create secure apps. This list might seem short but in fact, the exam syllabus is extensive. ExamTopics VCE Exams Download Here That is why the vendor recommends candidates to have the following experience lasting for at least 1 year when applying for SAA-C02:

  • Deploying and managing AWS services related to storage, Videos networking, compute, and databases

  • Building AWS-based applications that are reliable and safe in accordance with best practices and set requirements

  • Understanding basic architectural concepts as well as global infrastructure

  • Knowledge of network technologies and effective security tools

If you have such a skill set and are ready to devote some time to training, then the credential is almost yours! Remember to pay a registration fee of $150 to sit for the assessment and do several practice tests so as to explore the exam structure and environment as well as question types.

Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Video Training Course


As cloud computing continues to become more and more popular, the prospects for knowledgeable individuals grow along with the competition. Hence, a person holding the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification has the ability to forge a secure and lucrative career with a wide array of opportunities in this field. Make your first step on this path today, and enjoy the benefits soon!

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