What do you usually do when you engage in something memorable? Most people take out their phones and take a quick selfie to record the moments. Taking a selfie sounds like a good idea when you are just outside the Royal Palace, Sweden or within the Sarek National Park.

You may also want to take a quick selfie while inside one of the great casinos in Sweden. How will you ensure that you do not disrupt the rest of the players and do not violate any of the rules? We had a session with Dominic Andreasson (view profile), who shared some tips on how to take photos in land based casinos:

How do casinos perceive photo taking?

The unwritten rule in most traditional land-based casinos is that people could not take pictures. Taking a quick selfie is not illegal, but the casinos had their reasons for being against the activity. Why?

Some players want some privacy

Not every player who comes to the casino wants to be in the limelight. Even though you may feel happy as you spin the wheel, other people do not want the world to know that they gamble. Such players are likely to avoid those casinos that allow players to take photos and record videos at will.

You may distract other players

Taking a group photo or video seems like a great idea. However, it may turn chaotic when you in are a big group, and everyone wants to appear in the photo. Some may even end up shouting to ensure they are heard in the recording. The flash on your phone’s camera may also distract some of the players.

On the other hand, some gamblers want maximum concentration as they play games that apply strategies. Restricting the taking of photos thus comes in handy in ensuring that such instances of distraction are reduced in the premises.

Some players may end up cheating the casino

Casinos are supposed to provide a fair playground for players. Recording the wheels as they spin can be the perfect approach to study the machines and gain an advantage over the casino. The security personnel will always be on the lookout for players who seem to record such machines.

Photo taking may compromise the casino’s security

Typical casinos involve the exchange of large sums of money. Cases of casinos being ambushed are very common. Thus, the management must ensure that your photos are not taken with an ill motive where you are plotting to rob the casino.

How to take selfies in a land-based casino

Understand the rules of the casino

The casino photo policy in every Swedish casino should highlight what you should do. Most modern establishments have lightened up the photo-taking rules, but you should understand that it differs from one establishment to another. You may also find some casinos that allow you to tag them as you share your moments. On the other hand, some will request their professional photographers to take a photo of you and share it on their social media pages.

Check for designated photography areas

The modern casinos understand that photography has become a part of the modern internet. Such casinos do not want to deny you the chance of enjoying your moments. On the other hand, they still do not want disruptions on the gambling floor. MGM in Las Vegas is a perfect example of a casino that has embraced modern trends and has a designated photography area branded with the hashtag #parkmgm.


You may not be sure if taking a photo within the casino is allowed or not. Approaching the employees and security personnel and asking if it is okay will not hurt. Such an approach will ensure that you do not get on the bad side of the law and end up being thrown out. Do not take random pictures of people in the establishment as that is violating their privacy. Be courteous to ask others to be in your photos if need be.

Avoid live streaming without permission

Your favorite gamer on Twitch and YouTube may always be streaming their activities inside a casino. You may be tempted to do the same but end up in trouble. Seek permission from the management and ensure that you make your intentions known before you start. The casino is at its discretion to either grant your request or not.

Do not create a scene

Gaming should be fun, and you might bring this aspect to the casino. You may want your squad to have fun as you record the moments like what happens when partying. However, a casino floor is not the place to make a spectacle as you may end up distracting other players.

Can you take selfies in online casinos?

You may have gone through casinospel online in Sweden, settled on a site, and decided to play certain games. Can you take a selfie as you play? The answer is yes because you will be gaming remotely. It even gets better when you are playing on your PCs as you can record what is happening in real-time.

Professional gamers have mastered the art of recording their gaming sessions and streaming live with their thousands of followers. Getting a screen recording software can be a good start.

Taking a selfie in photo-friendly casinos is not that hard when you follow the above tips. Understanding why some casinos restrict taking photos on the gaming floor also makes it easy for you to avoid violating the rules and other people’s space.

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