Portable gaming isn’t a new invention, but its popularity is more widespread than ever. No matter if you’re playing on a Nintendo 3DS, Switch, PS VITA, or a smartphone, there are severe limitations when it comes to battery life, memory, and comfort. Still, the backlog for these systems is more than worth it. But, would it be great to limit these negatives and improve on the positive portability? For those looking for their next great adventure without sacrificing their gaming hobby, look for these essential gadgets for the traveling gamer.

Power Bank

Portable game systems don’t work on batteries anymore, which is excellent for your wallet but can cripple portability. Batteries are just as portable as the systems themselves, but without them, you’re shackled to a power outlet. A power bank removes these issues by giving you a few hours of charge within the bank to connect to your devices. Bring one of these along, especially if you’re playing app games on your phone – especially if you plan on streaming. For example, a live casino game is loads of fun but uses a lot of battery life. Be prepared with a power bank, so you don’t find yourself bored on the bus, train, or plane.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Public transit is loud, especially when you’re thousands of feet in the air. The noisy jets, coupled with the other passengers that may or may not be screaming, will make it difficult to hear your game. Even worse is when you actually can hear the game, but the other passengers as well, which can pull you entirely out of the experience. You also don’t want to be that person who blares their game system so the rest of the bus or train can hear it. Instead, get yourself some noise-canceling headphones that cup complete around your ear, or plus the ear canal. Bose and Sony prove high-end earphones with comfy cups and look stylish.

8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Receiver Adapter

There are many Bluetooth wireless controllers on the market, but not all of them are made with quality and with the gamer in mind. One of the most significant issues with Bluetooth controllers is that they don’t work. This isn’t usually the fault of the manufacturer. Sony, Microsoft, and Macintosh typically lockout Bluetooth controllers because they’re direct competition to their own devices. However, the 8Bitdo seems to get past this limitation. You can use it for both the Nintendo Switch, PC, and Phone (as long as you have a USB attachment). With a click of a button, you can link a PS4, XBOX, and Switch controller to other devices.

Ethernet Adapter

Many games are only playable online, or a big chunk of their value comes from gaming with others. For this reason, an ethernet adaptor is incredibly crucial because it allows you to connect your computer, phone, game system, or table to a router or modem. Ethernet adapters are great for data transfer as well. The UGREEN Ethernet Adapter supports the Nintendo Switch (which is rare, because Nintendo doesn’t like to promote products that aren’t their own), so opt for this option if you’re a fan of Smash Brothers or Mario Kart.

Gaming Grips

Let’s talk about how uncomfortable holding a hot piece of technology in your hand for an extended amount of time. Although game controllers are light enough that you don’t notice their weight, smartphones and portable gaming consoles are awkward to hold for long periods because of our neck position. It’s difficult to stare down at a screen without feeling it within an hour. For the phone, the MyMe Unity System contains a protective case that sits on a magnetized stand swivel to prop it up to use a controller. For the switch, the ProGaming Grip sits comfortably on a table so that you can play games without your neck hurting.

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