If you’re joining thousands of others flying out for Christmas break this year, you’ll definitely want to know more about airport parking options. Driving to the airport is often a more desired choice, especially for families, but what should you do with your car when you get there? With so many different car parking privileges, some of them can be unbelievably expensive. 

Here are some tips on how you can preserve your cash and find what suits you best!

You can leave your car for any period of time

Normally, short and medium-stay parking is very similar; your vehicle will basically be parked in a car park that is located within the boundaries of the airport—it could be a walking distance. Usually, short-stay parking areas are the closest. 

Long-stay parking spaces are placed a little farther from the airport and terminal buildings; sometimes, they can be completely out of the airport area. In such a case, shuttle buses are the only way to transfer passengers from the parking to the terminal building. 

Short-stay parking is often the most high-priced of all three, while the medium stands slightly cheaper. Long-stay parking remains the most inexpensive alternative of all. Most people think that it’s more convenient to book short or medium-stay parking when they go on a short trip. But this a common misunderstanding, as even if you’re going away for a couple of days, most long-stay parking areas will be more than ready to host your car, and they will eventually offer you the coolest deals ever. 

Online booking

When you’re traveling to different countries, many websites compare hotels and flight prices and makes it easy to book interest-free or without any kind of obligation. The same goes for airport parking lots, especially for short-stays. Let’s say you’re traveling from Newark Liberty International Airport; your best bet is to book a slot on ewr short term parking ahead of time. Whether you opt for self or valet parking, you’ll always find the best deals online. Moreover, you won’t be charged with anything if you cancel or change your reservation 24 hours prior to your scheduled flight. 

Valet parking

When you’re running late to catch a flight is terribly a worrying feeling! Doubled with the fact that airport parking lots can be full most of the time. Here’s why valet parking or meet-and-greet services is the best solution. You settle a pre-agreed meeting point at the airport—usually the terminal building drop-off. The valet takes your car keys and drives in the parking area that is located a few miles from the airport. When you return, you call the valet and meet up where you both agreed on or anywhere else nearby. 

This approach may be the most expensive, but it’s easier and less complicated. Besides, it’s a very reliable process where you get to leave your automobile in good care. All you have to do is read more reviews about the company you’re going to deal with in case you have doubts about the whole process. 


When you leave your vehicle at the airport parking while away on a trip, indeed, you don’t want to worry about the safety of your car. If you do, you won’t ever be able to enjoy yourself on your vacation. Valet parking at airports offers a lot of protection, making sure that when you’re gone you’re not susceptible to any kind of theft; Valet parking lots are usually manned by security guards and cameras. Commonly, airport parking lots are fenced with strong wires and huge gates, unlike other parking, the public won’t have access to your vehicle or even see it. Your car is in safe haven!

Nowadays, luckily you have a lot of choices when it comes to where you’d like to leave your car when you’re traveling, and most of them probably cost less than you think. And if you’re one of the people who follow traveling websites every now and then, you’ll definitely find various offers without spending too much time and effort on making the wisest decision.

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