Homeless fisher in Baywalk Roxas Blvd in Manila Bay. They fish in Manila Bay and they sell it in the streets. Not in the market. Sometimes people push them for cheap bargains.  I’ve met these people in Baywalk. Some of them are couples who became homeless and living in the streets of Baywalk for almost seven years. They came to Manila in search for greener pastures, however, they were forced to live in the streets when the construction firm where her husband is working closed. While living in the streets, the couple met other homeless, and instead of begging, they fish in Manila Bay along Roxas Blvd.

A young girl plays near the docked boat in Manila Bay. Some of them are homeless and living in Roxas Blvd.
Virgina Sayson and her husband has been living in the streets of Roxas Blvd for almost 7 years. They left their province in 2011 to find greener pastures in Manila. Unfortunately, the construction company where her husband works closed forcing them to live in the streets of Manila.

Virgina Sayson sleeps on a piece of cardboard as a makeshift cushion in the streets of Manila.

Caught fish are dried in baywalk

Lito one of the homeless people dries fish they’ve caught in Manila Bay

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