Capturing the beauty of something in a photo can be difficult to achieve, especially if you don’t know where to get started or you’re confused with your target subjects. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s an impossible thing to do.

As a matter of fact, you don’t even need a fancy camera to capture beauty in a photo. Just play with your imagination and be creative with anything. If you need some ideas or inspiration, it’s also a good idea to check out some social media tips for photographers.

Below are the other ways you can capture the beauty of subjects in your photos:

  • The Rule Of Thirds

Basically, the rule of thirds applies to photo composition which is also one of the things that novice photographers forgot to consider.

Once you check some photos using fashion hashtags, you’ll find that most photos are captured with the rule of thirds in mind. More often than not, most people center the subject in the camera’s viewfinder, which is a common misconception. The reason behind it is that by centering your image in the viewfinder, the result is typically mediocre at best.

When using the rule of thirds, try to shift the focal point of your photo to make it more interesting. Instead of focusing on the center, it’d be best to position your subject on the bottom part of the grid lines to create more depth. However, take note that the use of the rule of thirds may vary, depending on the subject you want to capture.

  • Be A Storyteller

You don’t have to be an expert in photography if you want to capture the beauty of anything. If you master the art of storytelling, you can capture an emotional and amazing story in a photograph. So, apart from working very hard as a photographer, try to work on being an individual with a story to tell, too, and your skills will come out with practice and time.

  • Take Note Of The Light

Another way to capture the beauty of something is to remember the light in your photos. Any ordinary subject can be transformed by using light. Once you find objects to shoot, see if there are shafts of light streaming in.

To add a mood, you can also take advantage of a misty diffused light. Just take note that if you’re taking photos at noon with too much sunlight, it’s best to look for shaded areas.

  • Shoot Tight
Closeup portrait of a beautiful girl with camera on the beach, cute young photographer taking picture, creative hobby, happy active summer vacation

Even without macro lens, you can still experiment with your current lenses and look for the minimal focal distance that works for you. Think of shooting quality images even without close or macro focus. This won’t only make you more creative, but you’ll also focus on the small beautiful details.

  • The Natural Frames

You can use natural frames to add dimension and depth to visual storytelling. For instance, if the tree has two separate branches, the photo will be more beautiful if there’s something interesting at their center. Once used properly, the attention is immediately drawn to the framed subjects.

  • Think Deeper

Never underestimate how powerful symbolism is when it comes to photography. You know that there are inherent themes of isolation, loneliness, or neglect in a stark image of something unusual. Also, there’s a fascination in today’s society with taking photos of abandoned areas and spaces. Such images resonate within people. So, always try to think deeper and don’t forget about the power of simple visuals.


To top it all, you’ll find that by concentrating or finding some interesting subjects, you can capture the beauty of subjects in your photos. Just take note of the tips above to take impressive shots of anything that captures your attention. If you want to improve your photography skills, you can always rely on the tips or advice of experienced and talented photographers out there. You can even take a photography training course if your budget allows it.

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