The best way to keep memories alive is by taking pictures of the places you have been to and things you have done. This is no different when you are traveling especially when you are traveling for a holiday or vacation. Alaska is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world due to its beautiful landscape and scenery.

To be able to accurately capture the beauty of Alaska, there are some destinations that are a must visit. These places can easily be said to be an accurate representation of Alaska.

1. The Wonder Lake in The Denali National Park

This is a must visit destination not only for people looking to capture the beauties of Alaska, but also anyone who is visiting Alaska for the first time. The Alaska Range Mountains and their reflection in the Wonder Lake are the most important and popular sites on the landscape in Alaska. The weather in the region is quite warm and accommodating and the lighting is always great, to ensure that you get a good photo. In addition to being very beautiful, the location is also quite secluded and you can have some alone time to explore and appreciate the beauty of nature.

2. The Northern Lights in Fairbanks

Northern Lights small

The Northern Lights are an experience you will live to remember. It is impossible to capture the beauty of the lights and their radiance in words and how they adorn the sky. These lights are more visible and clear near the Arctic Circle. These lights are visible mostly from September to March and this is the time when most of the tourists come to the region. The Northern Alaska Tour Company usually organizes group tours to a specific location; auroral oval, where the view of the aurora is unparalleled.

3. The Blackstone Glacier


This is a popular destination for people that want to capture the beauty and wonders of Alaska. It is also a popular destination for people thinking about Alaska cruises. The Blackstone Glacier is a good example of a destination you can visit via day cruise and get to see and capture the icy tributaries cascading from the Chugach Mountains. The glaciers form cliffs that are up to 800 feet height and there are beautiful waterfalls that pour into the water. On the shores of the bay, you may get to see and take pictures of the bergs that have grounded there. If you are lucky, you may get a view of them up close when you get to the beach.

Alaska is a very common destination for people looking to spend some quiet time during their vacation. This is because there are very much still and lush environments and places to visit in Alaska. The beauty of Alaska’s landscape is also incomparable to other parts of the world and this makes it attractive to people the love art and beautiful sceneries. The beautiful pictures you take in Alaska are the best souvenirs you take home after the trip. The above three are the best must-visit destinations for visitors that are looking to capture the essence of Alaska’s beauty and landscape.

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