If you’re looking to get well-traveled in record time then you may want to start making travel plans that span a whole year. However, if budget is a problem then you can take these 7 approaches and still achieve your dream. Check out how:

1. Get a Job That Doesn’t Require You to Work From Office

Traveling the world is now more accessible than ever. It simply won’t do if you’re tied down working a 9 to 5 in a desk job or an office.

The solution is to look for a job where you’re not constrained to a single location. Today, people can travel the world without having to be holed up in a cubicle.

You could work remotely, operate a website or start an online business, all of which unlocks geographical freedom. If the work only requires a laptop and a smartphone that’s connected to the internet then traveling becomes a viable option.

2. Cook Your Own Meals and Save Money from Restaurants

Saving money on a tight income usually requires you sacrificing a luxury. The best way to start saving and not feel like you’re giving up too much is to start cooking meals at home instead of ordering or going to a restaurant.

Preparing the ingredients and cooking may take time but you’ll end up saving more than half of what you’d pay for in a restaurant. Make it a habit every month until you’ve saved enough for a plane ticket and accommodations.

3. Sleep in Large Dorms

This tip applies to when you’ve decided where you want to travel. Aside from getting there you also have to think about where you’re staying. However, hotels are too heavy on the wallet and it all adds up over time.

Your best solution is to pick large dorms as accommodation. Don’t pack too heavy and only bring the essentials with you. Have a small bag or pack where you store all your valuables, e.g., money, smartphone and others and keep it with you at all times.

4. Travel Hitchhiking When You Can

Aside from sleeping in dorms you can also save on travel expense when you hitchhike. The experiences with other people in both these scenarios ultimately enrich your journey. You’ll learn about the culture and spend time with like-minded people.

Map out your route carefully and choose only those that you can easily leapfrog from. Hitchhiking does have its positive points, mainly not having to pay to get from one place to another, but it does come with risks. The bottom line is that you should be careful and always be aware of what’s happening around you.

5. Get a Payday Loan and Cover Your Instant Expenses

If your only excuse is that you don’t have enough money to travel the world, then that can be easily solved if you apply for a payday loan and cover the expenses with the borrowed money.

Before you start packing your bags and getting on a plane, make sure you have the best payday loan company and one that’s licensed and reputable. Watch out for signs of scams and hidden fees, and check online reviews so you can gather a list of possible companies.

Compute for the amount you need and make sure to set aside money from your income to pay it off in time. The good thing about online payday loans is that they’re fast and send you the cash straight to your preferred bank account.

6. Use Student and Other Discount Cards

Use every available resource in your disposal for a cheaper travel. Don’t forget to use your student card or other discount cards, such as ones that let you trade in points for miles, for example.

Also, take advantage of promotions on accommodations and plane tickets, as well as meals and items you need when you arrive to your destination. Every little bit counts, and it all adds up in the end.

7. Get City Tourist Cards

City tourist cards are cards that let you gain access to museums, major attractions and even public transportation for free or at a steeply discounted price. You can get them at major tourism regions, such as Paris, London and more.

Head over to the local tourism office once you land and you can also get helpful information on the best places to visit and stay.

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