The world of sports is filled with a variety of interesting events that have been captured on camera as well as in photos. There’s nothing like the joy each player of the winning team feels when their team has won a round or a championship. But there are other interesting moments that the camera has captured over the ages.

Nowadays capturing a piece of a sports event is easier than it was before. That’s because digital platforms cover a variety of sports and they put the user in control. Platforms like are all over the net and they cover football, basketball, boxing, and more. The main thing about them is to enjoy them responsibly.

Photographers over the ages have captured all kinds of pieces of sports events which is why today we have a variety of iconic photos shared online today. In that regard, here are some iconic moments caught on camera:

Taking a Bite

Tyson used to be a force to be reckoned with in the ring during his heyday. Although he’s retired today, he’s still active in the world of boxing and keeps himself in shape. One of his most memorable fights is the one against Holyfield. The thing that makes it so memorable is that Tyson decided to take a bite of his opponent’s ear. Another remarkable thing about that fight is that Tyson managed to do so twice. The first time he took a bite was captured by a photographer called Lovero. He caught the moment Tyson is taking a bite and Holyfield experiencing pain. After this happened, Tyson, spit out a piece of the ear and bit his opponent again just minutes after.

A Sneaky Hand

There’s no doubt about the fact that Maradona makes it on the list of icons of the world of football regardless of where you may find such a list. But he was also a cunning football player that managed to sneak a hand in a certain match. A photograph by Carbajal proves this point. It was an important match and Maradona and a goalkeeper were in a tight spot. The ball was in the air and Maradona hit the ball before the goalkeeper did which resulted in a goal. He claimed that he had hit the ball with his head and admitted to cheating only years after.

A Staunch Salute

The 1936 Olympic games were a calm before the storm that followed. Hitler was trying to promote his concept of the Aryan race, but an athlete by the name of Jesse Owens proved that he was a better athlete by winning 4 gold medals. Hitler’s personal photograph, Hoffman, took a certain picture that shows how fearless Owens was, as he gave a military salute instead of the Nazi one. The silver medalist, Long, was a sportsman at heart which is why he congratulated Owens in front of the Fuhrer. Sports and history do mix and a photographer was there to document it all.

These are some of the most iconic photos from the world of sports. You can delve deeper into the rabbit hole if you want to.

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