The online gambling industry has grown at a tremendous rate thanks to different tech trends shaping the future of the casino market. One of these prominent trends is the rise of live casino games, which replicate the gaming action available in traditional casino venues. However, live casino games allow players to place their bets in the comfort of their homes and they offer better return-to-player ratios compared to other casino games.

But have you ever wondered about the technology behind online live casino games or how the operators stream the games live to your smartphone/ computer? This article looks at the technologies that casino game developers and operators use to power live casino games.

How live casinos work

A live casino features about three rooms. The first room features a live studio, while the second is built as a software room and the third is the analyst room. However, this configuration might vary from one live casino to the other.

Depending on which casino you choose, you might also have the ability to enjoy live casino games through the operator’s TV channel or your smartphone. Here are all the tech components that make everything possible.

Key live casino components

Digital cameras

Cameras play a vital role in successfully streaming live casino games online. Fortunately, the latest technological breakthroughs in video production have made it possible for small, but powerful digital cameras to deliver high-quality live feeds. For instance, a live roulette game at the Betway casino may feature three or more digital cameras to give a clear view of the table, wheel, and an overview of the table.

Game control unit (GCU)

The GCU is arguably the most crucial component in a live casino. Every casino table has a game control unit attached to it, which encodes the live video being broadcasted. This device is the size of a shoebox and it assists the casino dealer to run the game. That means every live casino game at the Betway casino features a GCU.


Depending on which live casino game you’re playing, the operator might include a wheel in your gaming room. Leading casino operators work with major casino game developers to create wheels, which have inbuilt sensors and interfaces with them.

Live dealer

Dealers handle the gameplay in a live game to ensure the player doesn’t feel even the smallest difference between traditional games and this online format. After all, no reputable live casino would tolerate dealers who aren’t familiar with the game formats and rules. These dealers also undergo rigorous training to ensure the games are handled professionally and fairly.


A monitor gives you a clear view of the gaming action. The monitor is crucial to the casino dealers as it urges them to take action where necessary and helps them keep track of the wagers that can be placed or closed. It also allows the dealers to see the players that are online. Additionally, the dealers and players can effectively communicate through the live chat section.

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