Los Angeles is a great place for Street Photography offering a variety of places and scenes to be photographed. In his “Los Angeles Moments” series Rob Krauss shows us around these different locations.

From rather mundane families to Mariachi Bands and extravagant jewelry, Rob Krauss presents a very close-up look at Los Angeles Moments.

Rob Krauss - Los Angeles Moments Car

The images in Los Angeles Moments are gritty, but not in an artificial way – they are natural and feel appropriate to the locations Rob Krauss has taken his shots. His Black & White style is very strongly embraced in these images and his style.

Rob Krauss - Los Angeles Moments Band

Faces don’t always need to be seen to tell a story. Sometimes it is more interesting to leave some details to the viewer’s imagination. High contrast is another means Rob Kraus embraces in his Los Angeles Moments collection.

Rob Krauss - Los Angeles Moments Carried Away

Sometimes you can also get carried away in the images that show the everyday life in Los Angeles in a unique perspective.

Rob Krauss - Los Angeles Moments Father and Child

Emotions aren’t very visible in the images and rather introduced by the style and the negative space that used in Rob Krauss’ Los Angeles Moments.

Rob Krauss - Los Angeles Moments Still Life

To complete the series he also uses symbols in favor of visible human subjects. Convenient store products, animals or these pinafores allow the viewer to advance in the series in his own tempo.

Rob Krauss - Los Angeles Moments Jewelry

Rob Krauss

“I see Street Photography as a great opportunity. It gets me out of the house, walking in cool new places and makes my path cross with people I would never normally meet. The images I’ve made on the streets of Los Angeles are a collection of some of my favorite moments and represent what I am trying to capture, the personal moments we have in public. Street Photography has also opened me up to exploring different parts of the world. I have traveled to Tokyo, New York City, Paris, London, Madrid, Mexico City and Mumbai to shoot Street Photography and it has taught me that we as people are much more similar than we are different. It’s an exciting art form and I hope to keep pushing myself to create more engaging and interesting images to share with the world.”

In his collection are also color photos that show a little different side than the excerpt presented here.

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