Social Media is one of the most used sources to consume pictures on the fly. These unfiltered sources are great when you want to discover new unknown talents and intake as many photos as possible. Too much browsing through social media channels can nebulize our senses and abstract us from our goal. Street Photography Magazines are a great structured source to present information in a nice way. Furthermore, these articles are often way more thorough and reliable as a source.

Often times they are available online and for free. To reward the dedication of these editors and writers, here is my list of the best photography magazines available, that are a good alternative to photography books or street photography e-books.

Street Photography Magazines

Street Photography Magazines offer greater quality content that redirects my focus to take the best images possible, instead of getting the maximum amount of likes. Thanks to the work of zealous Photographers that dedicate their talent to write articles we are able to enjoy the projects of talented Street Photographers around the world.

The following list is an overview of free and paid online Magazines that focus on Street Photography.

Inspired Eye 

by Don Springer and Oliver Duong

Let’s start the list with one the most quality content available about Street Photography. Every issue “The Inspired Eye” features Photographers and their photo series, as well as unique stories.  The design is well very well made and reminds me of traditional magazines. Luckily, compared to traditional magazines, the Inspired Eye offers value along the sometimes more than 100 pages, without getting distracted in gear discussions or other nonsense.

A single magazine issue is available for under 5$.

Street Photography Magazine

Gravis Magazine

by Chuck Jines

The Gravis Magazine is more oriented towards classical Documentary Photography. Rather than having a regular schedule, it covers wholes projects and was published to display the heavy drug users of Chicago. With a lot of passion, Chuck Jines not only presents his pictures, but also a fully written story, resembling the classic photo reports of the TIMES Magazine.

Street Photography Magazine

The Street Photography Magazine

by Bob Patterson

Geared towards ambitious Photographers that want to learn how to take better pictures, this magazine offers a lot of “How-To” articles as well as interviews with already experienced Street Shooters. It also addresses the new interest of Mobile Photography and feature pictures uploaded to Instagram or 500px

Street Photography Magazine

The Urban Eye

by Stefan Cimer et al.

Street Photography Magazine

The Urban Eye features mainly photographers and pictures from their own Facebook group that everyone is invited to join. After a quick Answers & Questions session, the magazine presents a selection of the best pictures posted in the last month. Due to their huge popularity, they are able to choose from a huge pool offering a magazine with eye-candy from the beginning to end.

Soul Of Street

by Reiner Girsch, Marc Bartkowski & Lukas Springer

Street Photography Magazine

For the German-speaking audience, the Soul of Street is very young and even more ambitious magazine that features mostly the German-speaking area. In addition to their well-written articles, they also organize community events on a regular basis. Everyone is invited to join their monthly Photowalks around Cologne and connect to the local Street Photography scene.

Street Photography