In the modern digital age, we are viewing our images most of the time on screens. Whether it are computer monitors, TVs, or tiny mobile screens, we spent more time looking on those digital screens, than enjoying physical prints. Although we don’t have the need to print photographs anymore, to see them, I believe that print is still alive and You should print Your images as well.

If You are not convinced yet, then here are the reasons why I do like to print my photographs and what You should take care of before printing pictures Yourself.

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Printing Photographs

Reasons To Print

Screens are distorting

Computer screens never display the colors or even monochrome pictures in the same way physical prints do. The color scheme can be highly individual and vary, depending on the taste of the viewer. The same picture will never look the same and if You are seeking for a certain look and characteristic for Your photographs, then a print is a more “objective” medium. Of Course, light can also have an effect on the look of the print, but this is not as heavily as computer screens.

Especially when You are trying to view black & white images then LCD screens are a bad medium as they often just turn the black in a very dark grey. High contrast photography suffers the most and when You are seeing “true” black & white prints for the first time, You will be very surprised how different they look.

Timeless Storage

I would describe me as very well-versed when it comes to modern technology. We have countless options to store our data and pictures nowadays. Either on physical mediums such as DVDs or Hard Drives, or even in clouds for example Dropbox.

For my personal work and my travel photography, cloud-solutions are a blessing. They really help me to synchronize the amount of data without having to interact manually and keeping everything updated myself.

Needless to say, cloud-solutions are not something I would trust to still exist the same way as they do in 20 or 30 years.

When I want to preserve my most important images, then I trust a book more than digital mediums. That is not to say, that You should use one instead of the other, but that having a book, in addition to the digital files, is a lot more secure.

Printing Photographs

Prints are tangible

Digital screens only address one sense of ours – the eyes. Although the eyes are the most important sense when it comes to enjoying photographs, emotions are always also connected to other senses.

Studies have shown, that the more senses are addressed, that it is easier for us to relive emotions and memories.

Having a print in Your hand, makes You also feel the photograph. Especially when choosing some quality paper, You can add a new dimension.

For my picture of the Neukölln cafe with these three guest, I chose some high-quality Hahnemühle paper. When I was able to hold the print for the first time, it was a great revelation. The texture of the paper reminded me of the walls of the cafe and it really increases the look of the picture.

Even when the print is mounted on the wall, You can still see the texture of the print and it appears more three-dimensional and less flat.

Decorate Your Walls

Photography is a very demanding hobby. You dedicate a lot of hours to create the best images possible and printing some of Your photographs and show them off in Your very own home is a great feeling.

Having Your own photographs on Your walls are reminders of Your success so far and show what You have already accomplished. When friends are visiting, You have great stories to tell and impress them with Your pictures.

Personally, those images are also a great motivation that reminds me to get out and hunt for the next great image again.

Great Gifts

Are You looking for a gift for a photography friend of Yours? Then a print or a small book can be a great present.

Prints are truly unique, personal and are a lasting present. Depending on the interests of Your friend You can also go out and seek for the right motive that could be a great present.

If You don’t feel like You don’t have the right images, You can also offer Your service to create a photography book from Your friend’s photography collection.

A lot of people are hesitant to try and order a book themselves because they feel overwhelmed by the requirements and work that You need to complete a book. Surprise them by doing the work for them and they will be happy when they hold the final book in their hands.

Printing Photographs

Tips for Printing

Make Test Prints

There are countless reasons why You should print Your images, but it is also not the easiest task to chose the right printing service. I made the mistake with my first images to go to a very local photo business.

Unfortunately, they were totally overstrained by my requirements for a gallery print. The picture that should have been in black & white, did have a nasty blueish tint and wasn’t really monochrome.

To be fair, the same can happen if You order Your prints online or at any other given business. Seldomly, You have the opportunity to preview Your images at a calibrated monitor under perfect light conditions. I also wouldn’t rely too much on the given calibration assistances that are sometimes provided by online printing services and only take them as an additional tool to help You.

Before placing an expensive order, I would always make sure to get some samples and adjust the prints from there.

From my own experience, I have to increase the exposure of my image, sometimes even by a full stop, to create the same look on physical images.

Keep the Aspect Ratio in mind

With digital files, we have the freedom to crop the image any way we want. We aren’t restricted to certain aspect ratios to fill the paper completely.

When printing, You often face the hard choice between certain aspect ratios that Your prints have to follow. Otherwise, You will meet some nasty bars at the top & bottom, or the picture will be cropped in a way You have no control over.

Before printing Your images, have a look at the aspect ratios that You can use and crop the images beforehand to meet the requirements. If not, You will lose control over how the final result will look like.

Additionally, keep in mind that when framing the image, not every printing service will have “borders” around Your image. This means, that the edges of Your photograph will be hidden behind the frame.

In general, don’t try to crop too tight and keep some space on the edges.

Choose wisely for Monochrome

As already mentioned, You should be even more carefully when it comes to printing black & white images. The offline-shop that I used to print my photographs doesn’t seem to have any “true” black & white printing capabilities anymore but does use some digital system which tries to emulate black by mixing existing colors.

This can lead to the unwanted effect that black & white will either turn out as a light grey or even worse has some color tint in it. In my case, the print turned appeared to be slightly shifted to the blue. It might not be obvious, but if You compare it to some quality prints, then You will notice the difference.

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