Everyone in these digital age loves to take pictures with their phones or camera so they could record memories from beautiful places in nature. Professional photographers know that caring the right gear is essential. No matter how quality your camera is, knowing the basics of taking a perfect shot, like the position of the light, shadows, and the terrain outside can be of great help. If you like to combine sport activities in nature, like mountain climbing, hiking, and photography, you will need some info before you put yourself in that kind of action. With our useful tips, taking photos and hiking can become a unique experience for you. 

Know Your Terrain 

When you are planning your trip to explore the beauty of nature, keep in mind that you have to do some research on the place that you want to see. It is important to know what the weather will be like, are the routes passable and will you need some kind of tour guide or a map. Having that basic information will help you a lot to feel comfortable and confident while you are hiking and taking photos. During hiking, you will come across some steep paths, and holding your body properly will make it easier for passing. Don’t lean back because you will probably slip on some rock and fall backward. Leaning forward with your hands in front of you will spread your weight evenly on your feet and you will have more balance that way. Having a heavy backpack with you will make you learn more so don’t resist. Looking like a ski race is a perfect body position for steep and slippery paths.

Carrying The Right Gear

When you are going on an exciting trip to explore the beauty of the mountains and you want to capture every moment, you must carry adequate equipment. Before you start pack makes a list so you don’t forget something. You will need stuff for yourself like a spear wardrobe, first aid kit, and some water and food supplies. For taking good photos bringing one camera wouldn’t be enough. Pack landscape lenses, spare batteries, tripod, and an extra camera. Make sure that your camera is always ready for some quick shots because you will come across some wild birds and animals that can complete your photo collection. Don’t forget to pack some trekking poles. The market is full of high-quality trekking poles that can come in handy on steep tracks. When you’re packed check again all your equipment just in case that you don’t miss anything. Then you are ready to go on an adventure. 


Taking care of yourself and your safety is crucial if you’re going on a trip alone. You will need a lot of physical strength for hiking so prepare your body for it, like going to the gym to do some exercise will improve your endurance. Make sure that you pack all necessary food and water supplies to stay hydrated and not to lose your energy. When you are going alone on an adventure, tell your friends and family about it. If you run into some obstacles, making phone calls will be a hard thing to do because you will probably run out of signal. You could even stop by to the closest town and inform sheriff or a park ranger about your journey for just in case. If you bump in the rain, make sure that you packed your raincoat and all your gear in a waterproof backpack. A first aid kit is important for any kind of journey. Maps and compass will come in handy if you don’t want to get lost while you are dazzled by the beauty of nature.


Exploring mountains while hiking and capturing some best moments in nature with your camera is an experience of a lifetime. If you don’t have enough experience in that kind of trips make sure to prepare yourself for it. Talk to some people with similar experience or become a member of some mountaineering club. Going with your friends on a first trip will bring you more confidence and you will have a great time while you are all on an adventure. If you are already a hiking photographer just remember to pack everything that you will need and you are good to go. 

Bio: Nemanja is editor-in-chief @ WalkJogRun. You can find him on Twitter.

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