Nowadays, photography seems to interest more and more students not only as a hobby but also as a potential career path. The best way to become better in photography or gather inspiration to start taking pictures is by looking at others’ sample work. Of course, you can always go to a bookstore to find some artbooks or search your favorite photographers’ works online for free. However, you can also watch movies, which often have impressive and inspiring cinematography techniques.

For example, the “Lord of the Flies” movie is one of the most visually inspiring movies to have ever been created, which is why we believe you should definitely watch it if you’re in need of some inspiration for photography. The film is based upon the novel by William Golding, and while we definitely don’t want to spoil it for any of you, the story is set on a jungle island in the Pacific Ocean. While exploring the peculiarities of human psychology and society, the film also presents some beautiful scenes, which will be sure to impress and inspire every student interested in photography.


What makes the story of “Lord of Flies” truly unique and impressive is the character development, which can be noticed in portrait shots of each of the characters. Now, think about which words you would have to use to describe each of the boys in an essay? While doing so can be hard, getting inspired by the visuals and going out to take portrait shots can be more pleasant than writing Lord of the Flies essays or papers for a college class even though such kind of creative work still can develop you and change you for the better. Regardless of how you feel about each character by the end of the movie, we’re sure that you’ll be fascinated by the cinematography.


First of all, since the plot is being developed on an uninhabited island, we suppose that you can imagine the beautiful remote nature that is captured in the film. If you’re at least a little bit interested in the beauty and gracefulness of nature, you should definitely watch the film. Some of the scenes will impress you enough to make you want to grab a camera, go outside, and photograph whatever surrounds you. More than that, it is worth mentioning that although the dangers of the wilderness are shown in the movie, you probably won’t face any of them in real life.


You don’t have to know who is the Lord of the Flies to know that colors have the power of either improving or ruining your mood, which is why they are often used to signify all changes in emotions and plot twists. While watching the movie, be sure to notice how the color scheme of each specific scene makes you perceive the characters and events. Remember that colors are powerful tools in photography and try to use them wisely in your own work.

Camera Angles

While the camera angles are last on our list, they are unquestionably one of the most important aspects of the film’s cinematography. In “Lord of Flies,” the shift in emotions, relationships, and the general tone of each scene is captured by the change of a camera angle. Think about it, if you were to write an essay or find literature papers on StudyDriver, you would probably focus on the change in tone and imagery as the indication of emotional shift. Well, camera angles do exactly that for movies and photographs. Try to notice how each angle makes you feel and perceive a scene or a character and apply this new knowledge to your photography.


Considering how attentive the plot is to every detail regarding the development of the relationship between the boys, it should come as no surprise that the representation of emotions and feelings is important for the film. First of all, the portrait shots in the movie are impressive and powerful. However, it is also important to remember that scenery, colors, and background audio are important aspects of establishing a specific emotion for each scene. We are convinced that after watching the movie, you will come up with many new ideas of how to show emotions and feelings in a photograph.

“Lord of the Flies” is without a question one of the greatest movies and books to have ever been created. Besides its complex analysis of human psychology and social issues, it also incorporates some of the most intriguing plot development points. When it comes specifically to the movie, it is also worth mentioning that the beautiful cinematography will be sure to inspire any student to pick up a phone or a camera and go take a few pictures. So, regardless of whether you know the plot or not, be sure to watch the “Lord of the Flies” movie, think about the society, and get inspired by the beautiful picture to either write an essay or become a photographer.

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