Although people may be hard-pressed to admit it, society would function dramatically different without the modern-day convenience of smartphones. Especially when it comes to exploring the world, the absence of these devices would undoubtedly limit our experiences. Let’s take a look at why your mobile may actually be a more essential travel item than your toothbrush.

It ensures you will never be lost

One of the best perks of traveling with a smartphone is that it’s a constant partner in the navigation process. Finding your way in a new city can be challenging enough, but without helpful tools like Google Maps, Mapquest, Waze, and others, it’s even more difficult.

Besides guiding you, there’s an abundance of other features your phone’s map provides as well. You can share your location easily, find and save new spots around town, and utilize street view to get a better visual perspective of any locale. Maps can even be utilized offline during the moments you don’t have access to Wi-Fi or a mobile network. It’s seemingly impossible to imagine pre-smartphone travel because of this convenience.

It provides constant entertainment no matter where you go

Smartphones benefit traveling nomads in a huge way by making their suitcases much lighter. Rather than lugging along books and games to your final destination, you can rest ensured that everything you’ll need for entertainment is in the palm of your hand, inside your phone’s app store. Nowadays, if it’s not able to be downloaded, it’s located on the world wide web, and vice versa.  Entire libraries of e-books, films, podcasts, and games are just a click away with the use of your mobile’s internet. In fact, mobile users can even engage in highly interactive activities in an online casino by practicing blackjack strategy in many variants. In the same way, even the most classic games like chess can now be played virtually, as modern tech transposes the ancient pastime into the age of internet.

Whatever way you spin it, there’s no doubt that technology has transformed the travel experience, especially when it comes to play and leisure. With this in mind, keep your packing list to a minimum as you won’t need bulky items that take up space. When it comes time to pack your luggage, keep your novels and playing cards at home and enjoy the unlimited entertainment offerings of your handy smartphone.

It doubles as a full-fledged wallet

In the same way that books and games can weigh down a suitcase, wallets full of documents and credit cards can clutter a purse or bag. There’s also a much higher risk of losing important items if there are so many of them. That’s why travelers are turning to the convenience of mobile wallets where all essential cards and documents can be stored in the digital environment, neatly organized and easily accessible.

Everything from American Express cards to boarding passes is being saved in smartphones worldwide to create a better travel experience. Digital payment platforms such as Android, Google, and Apple Pay are making people’s lives easier and much more secure.

A customer uses Apple Pay to complete a transaction abroad

It can take high-quality photo content

Considering that we are in a day and age where documentaries are being shot on iPhones, it’s safe to say that smartphone cameras are delivering next-level quality for their customers. This is also great news for frequent travelers looking to make space in the suitcase. Especially if you’re backpacking, one of the biggest tips is to pack light. Nowadays it may be beneficial to purchase a well-reviewed smartphone for capturing memories throughout your travels.

Obviously, this depends on your level of photography experience, but because your phone is always with you, it will allow you to snag those important moments for when you leave your bigger camera back in the hotel or hostel room. There are even editing tools built into most devices that can allow for photos to be touched up on the spot and posted right away. One thing for certain: the options are endless when it comes to smartphone photography!

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