It is almost overwhelming how often we photograph – or are photographed on the street. The small compact camera is a steady companion and even Smartphones have the capabilities to create great snapshots. Whether amateurs or experts everyone is invited to participate in the creation of the third edition of the “Word Street Photography” Book. Photographers from all around the world had the opportunity to present their pictures on an online platform. The physical book World Street Photography 3 is the result of the global collaboration of the global Street Photography community.

New York City

It is New York City in the year 2015: two men in expensive suits are reluctantly standing on the sidewalk. It seems like a normal day for the two, except that there is a third person lying between them motionless. What happened can’t be resolved by this single frame.

Photos like these showing a short decisive moment are what makes Street Photography such a special genre. One picture has the power to address social critics without being explicit, but subtle. In the end there is a lot left in the imagination of the viewer and maybe the picture tells more about the viewer, than the displayed scene itself.

Social Environments

Nonetheless Street Pictures offer a candid view on the social environment of villages, cities and countries. They show how a society interacts from the weakest to the alleged strongest member. Publisher Gido Carper shows these excerpts of societies around the globe in his book. Either colorful and bright or monochrome and contrastful. A rainy day in the Philippines or a dark night in the USA.

Every picture has its own story and works in a global context. To be included in the book the pictures have to be candid. The cover photo therefore is a very decisive moment showing the man with a smartphone forming an optical illusion with the background.

Street Photography around the World

From a collection of 30.000 pictures from photographers around the world only the best have been selected to be included on the 170 pages. On these 170 pages street photography presents the full facade of human life. Sometimes more on the fun spectrum and serious on another day.

World Street Photography 3

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