The Fujifilm X100F has been my steady partner in crime for more than a year now. After shooting thousands of images, I guess it is time to showcase some Fujifilm X100F sample images and show the beauty of this camera. As a Street Photographer, my sample images are not from the studio and don’t include any technical overviews or pixel peeping. The photographs that I show have also not been altered by Photoshop and have been compressed to the standard web-quality.

Fuji X100F


Mirrorless Camera with Fixed Lens


24,4 Megapixels

APS-C Sensor

Hybrid / LCD-Screen Viewfinder


35mm eq. focal length


Weighs 469g

Real Life Fujifilm X100F Sample Images

The following Fujifilm X100F sample images have been taken under normal outdoor conditions. Under these conditions, there isn’t much time to adjust the settings and as a Street Photographer, I have to act in a matter of seconds.

Without a studio setup, I have to work with what I am given.

Fujifilm X100F Sample Images - Hanoi
Fujifilm X100F – Aperture F/4 – Shutter Speed 1/500s – ISO 100

The first Fujifilm X100F sample Image that I want to present has been taken in Hanoi while traveling Southeast Asia. During that time of the day, the sun is already very low and shines as bright as possible.

Nonetheless, the light isn’t blown out and the details surrounding the sunshine are still visible. You can even witness some slight light rays peaking in front of the tree.

The shadows are very dark, which is more a conscious style decision of mine in this case. Even during the high contrast, You can see details like the smoke coming out of the exhaust.

Fujifilm X100F Sample Images - Cat
Fujifilm X100F – F/2.8 – Shutter Speed 1/800s – ISO 100

The next Fujifilm X100F sample image has been taken in Hanoi as well.

This beautiful image of a cat shows the excellent qualities of the Fujifilm X100F in combination with a shallow depth of field.

Although it is technically a 35mm lens, which is normally too short to create such a shallow depth of field, with an open aperture of f/2.8 and a close distance, You can still blur out the background.

As You can see, even with an open aperture, the details don’t get lost and are still preserved in every area of the sample image.

Fujifilm X100F Sample Images - Blur
Fujifilm X100F – F/8 – Shutter Speed 1/10s – ISO 100

This is a more abstract approach to using the Fuji X100F, but as You can see the camera also can handle some more creative use.

To create this sample image with the Fujifilm X100F I used a longer shutter speed to blur out any movement in the front.

What is remarkable is, that the background still stays relatively sharp, although the shutter speed is very long for photographing without a tripod. It would be even possible to get a sharper image, but in this case, I had to crouch down for much longer than I could take and my stamina isn’t the best anymore.

So the camera itself is already very capable of being stable even with slower shutter speeds.

Fujifilm X100F Wedding Sample Images

Fujifilm X100F Sample Images - Wedding

During my travel, I also had the opportunity to photograph a traditional Javanese wedding. Under more complicated light situations, I added a flash to my setup and want to show, that weddings don’t need a big DSLR with multiple lenses, but that already the Fuji X100F with one lens is very competent in covering such a difficult event.

Fujifilm X100F Sample Images - Wedding

Again, it is absolutely no problem to create a more shallow depth of field and blur areas of the image, to lead the focus of the viewer. As You can see in this Fujifilm X100F Sample image, it is very easy to create layers with this camera.

In this case, You don’t even need a wide open aperture, just going closer is already enough. The details on the main subject stay sharp and maintain its high quality.

Fujifilm X100F Sample Images - Wedding

For the wedding images, I wanted to follow a very colorful approach and as You can witness, the colors come out very well, even when processed in Lightroom.

Problems that could have been noticed in the precursor of the Fuji X100F, have been fixed. The skin of people doesn’t look any wax-like anymore but very realistic.

The 24MP Bayer sensor has is a huge progress and so far I haven’t noticed any environment that couldn’t be handled by that camera.

Sample Images while traveling

Fujifilm X100F Sample Images - Elephant
Fujifilm X100F – F/4 – Shutter Speed 1/400s – ISO 100

You think that for good wildlife photography You need a big DSLR with a long lens and equipment that is worth more than a small car?

As this Fujifilm X100F sample image shows, the Fujinon lens is very sharp and detailed. Every hair on the elephant is visible and there aren’t any interference problems.

Although the sample image has been captured in the jungle, there isn’t any loss in details not in the “darker” areas in the foreground, nor outside in the background.

Fujifilm X100F Sample Images - Crickets in Indonesian
Fujifilm X100F – F/8 – Shutter Speed 1/400s – ISO 100

Using a flash once again to overcome the darkness and difficult light situations, the skin and hands stay very detailed. Different layers of sharpness are visible, while the main subjects, the very small crickets are sharp.

Fujifilm X100F Sample Images - Saigon Black and White
Fujifilm X100F – F/11 – Shutter Speed 1/1000s – ISO 100

Photographing against the sun is often said to be impossible with digital cameras and often times the dynamic range of film photography is seen as the absolute non-plus ultra.

Contrary to that belief, the X100F provides a very high dynamic range, even when facing the direct sun. The clipping area only applies to the sun itself, but not a wider area around the light source. Moreover, the light rays coming from the closed aperture are very smooth and harmonic.

If You want to create a film look, with the Fujifilm X100F in Your backpack, You don’t need real film but can keep Your mirrorless camera.

Mount Ijen Fujifilm X100F Sample Images

Fujifilm X100F Sample Images - Smoke
Fujifilm X100F – F/5.6 – Shutter Speed 1/200s – ISO 100

Bright sunlight, a wedding, and elephants are not enough to convince You of the quality of the camera?

Then I want to close my Fujifilm X100F Sample Image series with some pictures of the Mt. Ijen. A mountain that is more a volcano crater and home of sulfur. This sulfur produces toxic smoke and as You can imagine this is a huge challenge for every camera.

Again the pictures have been shot with a flash.

Fujifilm X100F Sample Images - Mount Ijen
Fujifilm X100F – F/5.6 – Shutter Speed 1/200s – ISO 100

Often times, Documentary Photography is said to be ideal for DSLRs and that mirrorless cameras can’t compete.

In my opinion, this statement is no longer valid. The X100F is very capable of producing a high-quality series of images even when facing toxic smoke that could potentially ruin the equipment.

Even when exposed to smoke and dust, the lens stays sharp and doesn’t produce any disturbing “spots” on the photographs.

Fujifilm X100F Sample Images - Portrait

Portraits are also within the realm of possibilities with this camera.

The lens is not too wide to produce any visible distortions and stays the proportions are kept natural throughout the complete image.

With this Fujifilm X100F sample image, I want to close my little series of presenting the qualities of this camera.

If You are interested in buying the camera Yourself, You can check out the Amazon details below.

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