Mexico is a country of diversifying landscapes from mesmerizing beaches to majestic remains of Aztec and Mayan civilizations. It is a perfect vacation destination that has everything to offer that one seeks for an ideal holiday. You can unwind at the serene beaches of Cancun and unravel the mysteries of the ancient civilization at UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Indulge in this country’s rich culture and mix up with the fascinating and super-friendly natives.

Here are some of the places that you must visit once you are in Mexico.

Relax in the Riviera of Cancun & Mayan:

Enjoy refreshing evenings, lying along the pristine beaches on the Gulf of Mexico at any resort in the Mayan Riviera. Every year more than five million tourists visit these serene beaches. But still, you will be able to find a spot away from the crowd, due to the wide beaches. Other than beautiful beaches there are dozens of fun things to do here. You can experience a thrilling swim with the dolphins and stingrays or go for scuba diving in the world’s largest underwater museum.

Explore the Copper Canyon:

Travel through the northern state of Chihuahua along the US’s border and delve into the scenic beauty of Mexico’s Copper Canyons. Copper Canyons (Barranca del Cobre) are a group of deep canyons that are much larger and deeper than the US’s Grand Canyon. These mesmerizing natural structures are of copper green color thus gaining its name. Explore this amazing area by taking a rail trip or you can even go on a bike or horseback trip. Moreover, in order to keep your phone secure in case, you lose it install a tracking app like keylogger for android on your cell phone.

Unravel History at Mexico City:

Mexico City, the capital and biggest city of Mexico is a place to behold. You can witness many UNESCO World Heritage Sites here that have more than 1400 architectural masterpieces belonging to the colonial era of the 16th to 19th centuries. Visit places like Constitution Square, National Palace, Metropolitan Cathedral, and Templo Mayor where you can find some Aztec relics.

Moreover, get lost in the stunning scenery of the Mexican Highlands and discover the ancient sites of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuati on your own.

Pay a visit to the Mayan City of Chichen Itza:

This site is a popular one-day trip destination from the resorts in the Yucatan Peninsula. You can easily reach these magnificent archaeological sites from anywhere within the Cancun, Merida or Playa del Carmen region. This ancient city of Chichen Itza is a living example of the advancement of the Mayan people. Two of the must-see places here are El Castillo and Caracol. Caracol is a millennial old observatory that the Mayan priests used for worshiping. Whereas, El Castillo is a 30meter tall structure present in this ancient city. Other than this you must take a hike in these magnificent sites to click some stunning photos.

Experience True Mexican Getaway at the Island of Cozumel:

Enjoy a true Mexican getaway with your family and friends at the iconic island of Cozumel. You will find everything at this stunningly lush tropical paradise. Enjoy diving in the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean and observe the exotic marine life. Moreover, if you dive around the area of Palancar Reef you can witness some grand manmade underwater landmarks. No matter where you go always try to travel safely.

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