Street Photography is a great form of art that profits from other endeavors as well. To be a good Street Photographer you don’t have to spend 100% of your time photographing. Sometimes it can be more beneficial to try other fields of art.

That this can be a very healthy approach towards Street Photography shows Vincent Camparetto, who is not only a passionate Street Photographer but also a filmmaker.

In the past, he has worked on music videos as well as more commercial work. What he learned from these fields he integrates into his photography.

His recent photography book “Follow Focus”, which is available on abstractcity or mottodistribution, Vincent shows the street in manifold ways.

From classic Black&White to colorful scenes and then trips to cinematic Street Photography. Vincent presents in his Book “Follow Focus” the stories that he picked up while traveling and exploring different cities.

Vincent about Follow Focus

“In addition to my work as a fine artist, I am a professional photographer. Primarily I am interested in street photography and the documentation of various subcultures around the world. I publish a bi-annual photobook series titled Follow Focus. Issues will vary in theme, but mainly encompass highlights from my street photography, fine art, and subcultural portraiture. Images from Issue one can be seen here. Prints available upon request. The book is also available in many fine book and zine stores around the world. Wholesale inquiries encouraged.”

About Vincent Camparetto

Vincent Comparetto is an artist living in Denver Colorado, he is originally from New York. Outside of making art he actively participates in photography, filmmaking, animation, teaching, bike riding, and skateboarding.

You can find his work on his websites: &

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