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Franzie Miranda | Instagram

  1. Your Short Bio
    • A 26-year old photographer born in the Philippines and currently based in Dubai, UAE – she is currently a Front End Web Developer who works for a digital agency and creates websites for clients around the world. In her free time, she takes pictures that features interesting characters and scenes around her and daily life that we tend to overlook everyday.
  2. The Idea Behind The Picture
    • Rain comes in Dubai twice a year – one when it indicates the start of Summer, and another when it indicates the start of Winter. I always thought of taking pictures of puddles and thought of incorporating a human life in the picture. People avoided my camera, but then this one person ignored me and I immediately took the opportunity to take it. And I didn’t realize that his reflection was filling the other half of the frame.
  3. What fascinates you the most about Street Photography
    • Human Nature is the very thing that fascinates me, and Street Photography is the genre that caters that. I am a programmer, and somehow a break from my ordinary and mundane life drawn me to this genre. The feeling of conquering fear and sharing moments that cannot be repeated are the things that made me go to Street Photography.
  4. Which 3 “unknown” Photographers should we check out

2Geometry and Color: On the Streets of Wroclaw and Kuala Lumpur

Even though these two cities are thousands of miles apart and home to vastly different cultures, they are united by one trait: eye-catching hues set into satisfying patterns, unified through the eyes of the photographer.


3New E-book: ‘Toxic Planet: The Global Health Crisis

Toxic Planet: The Global Health Crisis, the Pulitzer Center’s newest e-book, is now available free on iTunes.
It affects the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil that helps produce the food we eat. Pollution is everywhere.
Pulitzer Center grantees circumnavigated the globe to study pollution—its risks, the health implications, potential remedies, and means of prevention. Their work has been published in a wide range of outlets: Undark, National Geographic, Yale Environment 360, China Dialogue, PBS NewsHour, Bloomberg Businessweek, TakePart, The Guardian, Verspers, The New York Times, and Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health Magazine.


4Skander Khlif Captures the Beauty of Winter in Munich

The unique and moody imagery of winter will always be a source of inspiration, stories, and ideas for photographers. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world; as long as winter comes to your city, you’re bound to find something worth capturing. There’s no doubt that Munich is beautiful, but street and documentary photographer Skander Khlif captures the charm it takes on when the snowy season takes over.


5Behind the Iron Curtain: Intimate Views of Life in Communist Hungary

Photographing in socialist Hungary in the decades leading to democratic rule, Andras Bankuti knew that everything was political. Aware of taboo subjects – religion, poverty, drugs, among others – he resorted to self-censorship. “The second I pressed the shutter release,” he said, “I knew which of my pictures could not be published.”
Hungary was ruled as a socialist republic from 1949 until 1989, when activists and intellectuals pressed the government to adopt a democratic political system with a revised constitution that affirmed civil rights. Mr. Bankuti’s images from the 1980s and 1990s straddle this complex period, and include intimate depictions of struggling families — people sleeping in the streets, piled together on a bed — as well as celebratory christenings and rousing political gatherings. And even as the state loosened its grip, he had to be careful about his audience.



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