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2Through Forests and Farmlands, Peruvian Sheep Herders of the Pacific Northwest

Sofia Jaramillo may have been mountain biking ahead of the pack, but as she soon found out, that was nothing compared to being behind the herd. Twelve years old at the time, she was attending her first mountain bike camp in her hometown, Ketchum, Idaho, riding on a bumpy forest road when her tire slid into a rut.
Things didn’t just get hairy, they got downright woolly.
“Suddenly, I looked up and hundreds of sheep were blocking the road,” she recalled. “I panicked, turned my wheel, hit my front brakes and flew over my handlebars. When I opened my eyes, I was surrounded by sheep. I ended up landing on my hip so hard I had to get stitches.”


3An Elegy to India’s Vanishing Cinemas

Movies fascinated Nandita Raman growing up in Varanasi, India, an interest fostered while hanging out in the movie theater owned by her mother’s family, the first in the city to show talkies. She visited often, watching films and exploring behind the scenes, captivated by the visual environment, from the movies themselves to watching her uncle select vivid posters for coming attractions.
“It felt like a miniature world within a world,” Ms. Raman recalled. “More than a dozen people were on staff. Because I came from the owner’s family, I had access. I really loved to go up into the projection room. I would hang out in the ticket booth.”


4How Andreas Levers Does His Beautiful “At Night” Series of Photos

Andreas: The weather is indeed the key ingredient. Unfortunately the days when the fog is this thick is few and far between around here. When the forecast looks promising I have my bag ready to go and a list of locations that I want to visit. I use a tripod, but fortunately the image quality at higher ISO is so good with current gear, that most exposures take only a few seconds. To have enough leverage in post processing I only shoot raw files.
It seems like you go for very neon-like colors, and that those are a big part of the process is that true?
Andreas: Yes – I carefully choose the locations to achieve the retro-futuristic look. So modern architecture or sober infrastructure is best suited for my photography. My main inspiration comes from movies like Blade Runner, Drive, Matrix, Dark City and many more. I try to emulate the intentional color casts they use to convey an specific atmosphere in my photography.

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55 Common Mistakes to Avoid for Shooting Street Photography Like a Pro

Whether you’re an amateur photographer or an experienced pro, nearby city streets offer great opportunities for making captivating images, especially when you run out of other ideas. This quick tutorial discusses five common mistakes, and how to avoid them when shooting on the street.
Robin Heizmann is a German pro known for his dramatic street photography, and in the five-minute video below he reveals a handful of pitfalls he learned to overcome as he became more experienced. He begins with a common refrain we often hear from other top shooters; namely, avoid getting hung up on gear, and concentrate instead on lighting, composition, and other variables than contribute to better images.

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6STREET PHOTOGRAPHY A week in New York City

E-Book by Daniel Hoffmann

New York City seems to be the dream destination of many Street Photographers. Skyscrapers mixed with streets rich of culture and history invite anyone to experience life from different perspectives.

Daniel Hoffmann had the opportunity to visit this magical city and shares his experience in his freely available book.

The book not only presents his picture along his journey but also gives an introduction to Street Photography in general. If You are interested in learning more about Street Photography with the atmosphere of New York City around You, then You should check out this book.

About Daniel: I have been an amateur photographer since 1973, and have moved between many different photographic genres. In the late seventies, I became especially interested in documentary photography, and in particular Magnum Photos. It wasn’t until 2011 that I started taking street photography more seriously, and today, it is the subject category that interests me the most. If you would like to know more about me, you can read the introduction in my first e-book “Street photography” from 2013, which you can download for free from my website.

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