Street Photography Roundup #2

1. Content


2. Picture of the Week

by Anna Tratuig | Instagram

3. Video Highlight

feat. Craig Semetko

Every Healthy mind needs nutritive food and a good Photographer needs a special DIET

In Craig’s words a good photograph needs Design – Information – Emotion – Timing

4. Series of The Week

Lifelines of the Homeless

by Chris Candid | Homepage

5. Guide – 5 Instagram Lessons from Magnum Photographers

David Alan Harvey, Christopher Anderson and Matt Stuart share their insights on how to use Instagram for emerging Professional Photographers

The Topics They Cover

  • Be Yourself
  • Personal Vs. Professional: Find your Line
  • Treat it like your Sketchbook
  • Your Audience, Your Client
  • Embrace Changes

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6. Article – 12 New Year’s Resolutions to make you better photographer

by Stan Horaczek

“New Year’s resolutions come in many forms, including fitness-based, financial, and yes, even photographic. Below are some suggestions to help you build good habits in the new calendar year and become a better, more well-rounded photographer. Happy new year!”

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7. Book Presentation

Exilium by Andy Spyra | Book Overview

The Birthplace of Christianty has become a Graveyard. Exilium displays the life of Christians in Syria and their struggle in an increasingly hostile society.

Andy Spyra




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