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In the mid-nineteen-eighties, when he was the head of the photography program at the San Francisco Art Institute, Larry Sultan hired me as an adjunct faculty member—the beginning of our lifelong friendship. I’d visit him often in his studio at the Headlands Center for the Arts, in a converted old military barracks at the foot of Rodeo Beach. Assembled on the wall was a grid of small film stills he had made from his family’s home movies, the beginning of his series “Pictures From Home.” When I’d walk in, he’d be standing there, staring at the grid, sipping a little Scotch, moving a few pictures around, having himself some fun. We might talk for a while about the cinematic rhythm of the grid, the psychological clues residing in this scavenged record of his childhood, or about whether this kind of personal documentation had any cultural relevance at all. Then, invariably, we would head out for a late-afternoon hike on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific and sit there for a while, the vastness of the ocean an open platform for our free-floating conversations. Sometimes we plumbed the deeply personal, at other times the wilds of Derrida or Foucault, but, by the time the sun was levitating just above the horizon, our serious musings had devolved into a bunch of goofy laughter.

Photojournalist wins Pulitzer Prize for photo series on PH drug killings

A freelance photographer for The New York Times was one of the many journalists selected for the coveted 2017 Pulitzer Prize for his photographs depicting the anti-drug campaign in the Philippines.
The Pulitzer Prize board selected Australian photojournalist Daniel Berehulak’s blistering photo series “They Are Slaughtering Us Like Animals” for the Breaking News Photography category for his “powerful storytelling…showing the callous disregard for human life in the Philippines brought about by a government assault on drug dealers and users.”
Berehulak’s series — which was shot over a span of 35 days — featured 57 murder victims at 41 sites in the Manila and Quezon City areas. It provided an inside look at rainy crime scenes, overcrowded jails filled with drug suspects and night shots of city life that set the backdrop of the crackdown.


Life from different angles


In February this year, documentary photographer Daniella Zalcman launched a database called Women Photograph showcasing the works of 400 women photojournalists with five or more years of editorial experience, as a response to the gender disparities in her industry. In Singapore, female photographers also sometimes face similar challenges, but here are four who are blazing their own trails.

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Photographer Sabine Weiss, 92, ‘Very Pleased’ With Life’s Work

Calling her a second Vivian Maier wouldn’t describe only in the slightest what Sabine Weiss accomplished in her life as a photographer. From photographing Brigitte Bardot and other fashion models to creating outstanding social documentary work, her images very much stand on her own. In this interview she talks about her first photos she took when she was only 8 years old and her motivation for photography.

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Street Photography & The Art of Composition – 30 Majestic Photographs

Street Photography may have been attacked on appreciated from all directions and one would easily come to a conclusion that the length and breadth of this genre has been all but covered, but the raw truth is possibilities and innovations within are infinite.
In this post of ours, We wanted to show something new and innovative in terms of composition. These photographs will give you a valuable insight towards taking your street art towards the next level possible in all aspects of composition and aesthetic behaviour.

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Street Photography