My personal Top 50 Street Photo Favorites of 2016

The list of Top Street Photos of 2016 is in no particular order

Top Street Photos of 2016

2016 was a very interesting year for Street Photography. It seems that more and more color work is getting popular and the preferences seem to shift towards non-black&white work across the board and also being represented very highly in my top street photo gallery for 2016.

Especially in very high contrast light situations, color images are on equal footing with their colorless counterparts.

On my personal list of top Street Photos of 2016 you find Amateur Street Photographers from around the globe representing their beautiful hometowns or sharing their impressions while traveling. Some even feature my hometown Berlin.


Martin Waltz proves that you don’t need a romantic sunlight to create a Street Picture that revolves around the weather. Sometimes all you need is a nice summer rain and a red umbrella. The negative space that fills even the subject lets a lot of room for the viewer’s imagination.

Top 50 Street Photos from 2016
Martin Waltz

Markus Andersen follows the trend and shifts from B&W Photos to colorful work that he presents in his new book cabramatta.

Top 50 Street Photos from 2016
Markus Andersen

Chris Candid visualizes a modern Japan with his picture from a Businessman in a local bar. The original atmosphere of this photo is highly welcomed in my top street photo list of 2016.

Top 50 Street Photos from 2016
Chris Candid

Damon Jah – another picture from the “high contrast in color” category, but this beautifully timed shadow in the narrow light makes it one of my favorites from this year.

Top 50 Street Photos from 2016
Damon Jah

Gabi Ben Avraham – The Israel-based Street Photographer manages to capture a very unorthodox scene of a traditional Jewish festivity and is highly appreciated in the list of top street photos of 2016.

Top 50 Street Photos from 2016
Gabi Ben Avraham

Roland Groebe’s street scene looks like a timeless classic that could’ve been already featured by magnum in the 60s.

Top 50 Street Photos from 2016
Roland Groebe

Chris Retro captures the Russian winter in his best fashion. Heavy snowfall, some street lights and a lonely person in the front are the recipes for this top street photo of 2016.

Top 50 Street Photos from 2016
Chris Retro

Oliver Krumes showcases that it makes senses to not always look up when you are near the Berlin TV-Tower with this fantastic shadow play.

Top 50 Street Photos from 2016
Oliver Krumes


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