How A Robot Mop Can Help Your Aging Parents

Technological innovations have made it possible for elders to live on their own instead of a special facility. But eventually, your aging parents will need your help with their daily activities, including household chores to keep their space spotless and sanitized.

But as much as you want to help them all the time, you’re also busy with your own family and work. Meanwhile, hiring a professional cleaner to do the job regularly may hurt your budget.

However, it is crucial to ensure a senior’s home is immaculate to keep them healthy. This is especially true with floors since a clean floor can limit their risk of falls, which is one of the top causes of accidents for elderlies.

Luckily, you can make the life of your aging family member simple and safer with a robot mop. Some models even allow you to operate it with only the sound of your voice for a hands-free mopping experience.

Robot mops offer the convenience of having a tidy home minus the unnecessary hard work. Hence, it will give your loved ones and their caregiver more time to unwind and simply enjoy life.

What is A Robot Mop?


Mopping has evolved enormously. That rag on a stick is no longer the only option you have. Today, you can find spin mops that eliminate the need to bend down when mopping. There are also mops with microfiber cleaning pads for getting rid of the toughest of stains.

But as attractive as these mops are, you still have to do all the laborious work yourself. That’s not a problem if you’re physically able. For seniors, that’s an entirely different story. And that’s where a robot mop comes to the rescue.

Robot mops are similar to robot vacuums. These automated devices can mop your floors without the need for you to lift a finger. They are battery-operated, self-navigating cleaners with brushes, removable pads, and water reservoirs.

Your robot mop will take care of your dirty floor with ease, turn around when it hits obstacles, and recharge on its own when it’s about to run out of power. There are even more advanced models with floor mapping features that can learn the layout of your space.

Check out the robot mop source here to find the best unit suitable for your needs and budget.

What To Consider When Buying A Robot Mop


When looking for the best robot mop to give as a gift to elderlies, make sure to consider the following:

  • Simple to setup, use, and maintain. When it comes to seniors, the easier to operate a gadget, the better. So make sure to select a mopping robot that will not give them a headache in terms of removing and attaching its cleaning pads and filling its water tank. Scheduling its cleaning sessions should be easy as well.
  • Battery life. The rechargeable batteries of your robot should last for at least 90 minutes. Additionally, if your aging parent or grandparent’s space is big, look for a device that recharges on its own and resumes where it left off.
  • Sensors. If the house of your elderly combines hardwood floor and carpet, buy a mopping robot that can tell the difference. You may also want to consider a unit with a mapping feature that lets you select specific areas to mop.
  • Suitable for the floor type. Your tile and vinyl floors are safe to clean with a robot mop. But if the home of your aging relative is mostly hardwood floors, it’s vital to choose a device specially designed for it to prevent any damages.
  • App integration. Consider this handy feature if your grandpa or grandma is quite techy. This is useful if they want easy access to maintenance problems, program the robot to clean when they’re away or in advance, and if they just want to see what the cleaner is up to.

What’s The Difference Between A Hybrid And Single-Use Robot Mop Cleaner?

When shopping around for robot mops, you’ll come across hybrid and single-use models.

Single-use robot mops are those that you can only use on hard floors and cannot vacuum. These robots give you the option to dry sweep, but they will not be able to suck up dirt and particles from carpets.

On the other hand, hybrids are cleaners that have the ability to vacuum and mop. These robot mops are relatively new to the market. Nevertheless, you have plenty of quality options to choose from. And although they may not be as high-tech as some single-use, you’ll be able to find a hybrid within your budget.

Can A Robot Mop Completely Replace My Mop And Bucket?


A robot mop can significantly cut down your home’s regular upkeep. You can schedule it to clean daily or weekly at a specific time. Nevertheless, similar to a robot vacuum, it can’t entirely replace your traditional vacuum. You may still have to do a bit of manual mopping, especially for big messes. Also, it will not be able to completely get rid of stains that have dried out.

What a robot mop shines the best is on quick touchups and scrub-downs. It also works well on keeping your hardwood floors sparkly clean all the time. Watch it doing cleaning on this video demonstration.

Do I Still Need To Apply Floor Cleaners?

It’s advisable not to use floor cleaners with your mopping robot. Specialized cleaning solutions may potentially clog the nozzles of your machine, which, in turn, may damage its inside components.

Robot Mop Benefits For Elderlies

  • Time-saver. Your grandparents or aging parents should be spending most of their time just relaxing. A robot mop can save them one to two hours a day. It may not seem much, but for seniors, an hour or two can be better spent outdoors basking in the sun and the beauty of nature.
  • Quiet operation. Most mopping robots are quieter than your upright vacuum. Although some are a little louder, they will not make as much noise as a box fan.
  • Cleans hard-to-reach spots. A robot mop with a very low profile can easily get under your bed and other furniture.
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