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2Julie Hrudova’s ‘StreetRepeat’ Showcases the Repetitions in Street Photography

When she’s not working on her own craft, the Amsterdam, The Netherlands-based photographer explores Instagram to check out the works of her fellow street photographers. Browsing through her feed, what struck her the most is how many similarities there are in the images created by photographers all over the world.
This realization inspired her to start StreetRepeat. In case you haven’t seen it yet, it’s an Instagram account where Julie features handpicked sets of three photographs by three different photographers that carry the same look or feel: it could be a pattern, composition, subject, or the overall theme.
We spoke with Julie to find out more about StreetRepeat, her thoughts on repetition in street photography, how her project has influenced her own work, and how to have one’s own voice in photography, among other things.

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3PhotoPlus Expo 2018: Street Photography: How & Why

The PhotoPlus Expo seminar called “Street Photography: How & Why” offered insight into the motivations and methods of four notable street photographers, including Daniel Arnold, Elizabeth Bick, Julia Gillard and Gus Powell. Each took a turn to show their work and explain their practice.
Arnold, for instance, articulated the single-minded obsession of his own practice, which he described in philosophical terms as a way of life, while underscoring the idea that success often comes to those who seek it the least.
“I would like to convince you if I can that the pictures don’t matter,” said Arnold, who has a sharp eye for absurdity and dissonance, and the quick reflexes to capture them. “I’m so engaged, so obsessed with and addicted to the process that the photos don’t matter.”


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